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Oeverinscharing zandwinput Bergweg, Overijssel, 1997


This document contains the requirements and functional design for a software kernel that computes the safety assessment of the failure mode flow slide.



The functional requirements for D-FlowSlide are:


  1. Every computation by D-FlowSlide deals with one surface level and a 1D Soil profile.

  2. The original surface line as used in DAM or Ringtoets (WTI) contains a whole set of characteristics points. D-FlowSlide needs only a subset.

  3. The safety assessment consists of passing through different phases: 

In the folowing paragraphs the functional  design for D-FlowSlide has been explained. Detailed documentes can be found in the literature list


The definition of the symbols used in this Background section can be found in the Symbols list.

Assessment scheme D-Flow Slide

The figure below shows the assessment scheme for D-Flow Slide, which largely corresponds with the steps in the safety assessment in WBI2017.

Figure 1: Assessment scheme for D-Flow Slide




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