The ecological knowledge base of HABITAT includes all kinds of effect relations on the occurrence of (indicator) species, groups species, ecotopes and habitat types in relation to environmental conditions and land use. The information can be used for habitat studies.

At the moment the database is mainly in Dutch and exists of factsheets on species related to EU Directives and other ecological indicators. Each factsheets gives general information like name, water system, occurrence and the ecological quality element of one of the EU Directives. Furthermore, a description of the habitat use and reproduction strategy is given. The effect relations indicating the boundaries of environmental conditions for the presence of species are presented either in formulas, tables or graphs. The application area and information on validation and uncertainties of the knowledge rules are given as well. Each factsheet finishes with information on example applications and references. This knowledge base is only visible for members of the HABITAT community. To join this community see the community wiki.

The knowledge rules supplied in this ecological knowledge base are also available as XML file, enableing direct use in HABITAT. You can find these developments in the KnowledgeRules GitHub.

For questions contact the helpdesk. See user manual on how to design your own Toolbox in de HABITAT tool. Additional literature on measures and effect relations can be found on the STOWA Online Hydrotheek.

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