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HABITAT is a spatial analysis tool to support the development of management plans. This tool is especially designed for ecological assessment to analyse the availability and quality of habitats for individual or groups of species, but it is also useful for other spatial analysis where grid operations are needed like flood risk maps or damages to agriculture or urban areas in case of floods and droughts. HABITAT is developed by WL Delft Hydraulics, Ministry of Transport, Public works and Water management and Delft Cluster. Current developer of HABITAT is Deltares. HABITAT has been built around PCRaster, a software package responsible for making the map-calculations and incorporated in the user interface of DeltaShell.

How to use this site

First of all you are advised to download HABITAT free of charge by clicking here and following the instructions. This site provides supplementary information for the use of HABITAT consisting of the Ecological knowledge base which includes factsheets on effect relations for ecological impact and damage assessment. The information is divided into different ecological indicators including (groups of) species, ecotopes and habitat types. Besides that, there is a tutorial, user manual and a glossary available at the User Manual section. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the HABITAT helpdesk.
























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