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Thursday, 13th September 2018, Liège (Belgium), Aquapôle (Campus de l'Université de Liège - Sart Tilman).

Invitation, programme and summary


Session "Hydrological modeling of the Meuse basin", chair: Hubert Savenije (TU Delft)

Maud Grandry (ULiège - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech), Sébastien Gailliez (Service Public de Wallonie), Aurore Degré (ULiège - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech):

Trends in the magnitude and frequency of high flows in Wallonia

Luc Willems (Université de Liège):

Polyphased karst system in Cretaceous chalk of the Belgian-Dutch border and the possible impact on the underground drainage connected with the Meuse River

Laurène Bouaziz (TU Delft), Lieke Melsen (Wageningen UR), Jan De Niel (KU Leuven):

The joint modelling exercise of hydrological modelling

Session "Stakeholders and policy analysis", chair: Jiri Nossent (Flanders Hydraulic Research)

Lila Collet (IRSTEA), L. Beevers (Herriot-Watt University), M. D. Stewart (Kaya Consulting):

Decision-making and Flood Risk Uncertainty: Statistical dataset analysis for flood risk assessment

Bernhard Becker, Marjolein Mens and Rolien van der Mark (Deltares):

Impacts of developments in neighbouring countries on the Dutch Meuse

Siebolt Folkertsma, Boris Teunis (Rijkswaterstaat):

Drought in the Meuse 2018

Session "Sediment, water quality and environment", chair: Bernhard Becker (Deltares)

Jiri Nossent (Flanders Hydraulic Research), Befekadu Woldegiorgis (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Ann van Griensven (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Fernando Pereira (Flanders Hydraulic Research):

A conceptual modelling tool for water quality and sediment transport 

Julia Rauw (FH Aachen and Kisters BV Nederland), Stefano Vincenzo de Simone (Kisters AG), Jorn Baayen (Kisters BV Nederland), Matthijs den Toom (Deltares), Bernhard Becker (Deltares):

Optimization techniques for hydropower plant Linne 

Sébastien Erpicum, Martin Bruwier, Pierre Archambeau, Benjamin Dewals and Michel Pirotton (Université de Liège):

Life 4 Fish: towards fish-protective hydropower production in the Lower Meuse in Belgium

Session "Hydraulic modelling and climate change", chair: Guillaume Thirel (IRSTEA)

Pieter Meert, Vincent Wolfs, Patrick Willems (KU Leuven):

Conceptual river water quantity modelling

Ryan Teuling (Wageningen UR), Emile de Badts, Joost Buitink, Femke Jansen, Anne Hoek van Dijke, Richard Fuchs, Shannon Sterlin:

A high-resolution Budyko approach to quantifying recent climate change, re-/afforestation, and urbanisation impacts on evapotranspiration and streamflow in Europe

Patrick Willems (KU Leuven):

New spatial climate scenarios and the impacts on floods and droughts


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