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  • Sprintsession June 17-20, 2008
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A fourth sprintsession was held from June 17th to June 20th, 2008, at the Woodshole office of USGS. Together with Jeff List, Amy Farris and Kathryn Weber, Ben de Sonneville and Mark van Koningsveld collaborated on the implementation of US LIDAR data in UCIT. The work was performed in the framework of the Delft Cluster project North Sea and Coast (DC 05.20) and the Deltares-USGS cooperation agreement (year 2008).

The main purpose was to see if the UCIT functionalities could be used to facilitate easy access to the LIDAR data that is collected in the framework of the National Assessment program. Reason for looking at the McTools program UCIT was that the huge number of LIDAR transects made quick browsing through the data difficult. A number of new functionalities had to be developed and some old ones had to be modified to maintain high speed in the data handling.

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