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  • Add basemaps in ArcGIS 10.x
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Adding basemaps using ArcGIS Server in ArcGIS 10.x

Adding Basemaps (such as Bing Maps) has been easy and fast in ArcGIS 9.3, but some users have reported problems with adding basemaps in ArcGIS 10.x; loading imagery from the base map layer has been extremely slow. The following workaround might solve this problem, and enables you to add even more base maps than available from the "File --> Add basemap" menu.

  • Start ArcCatalog
  • In ArcCatalog, go to GIS Servers - then Add ArcGIS Server (see Figure below):

  • A window "Add ArcGIS Server" opens and select "Use GIS services"
  • Use "" as the Server URL, then Finish.
  • The ArcGIS server will now be loaded and should be added to the list of GIS Servers, named "ArcGIS on (user)"
  • Click on the newly added ArcGIS GIS server and a list of available base maps are shown. Drag and drop the basemap into your ArcMap document.


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