In the Netherlands subsurface data is legally arranged via The Basis Registratie Ondergrond, aka BRO:

TNO manages this data. The data is i) distributed via interactive web portals:

and ii) via EU INSPIRE compliant web services via:

The OGC WMS feeds can be used to ingest data into professional; GIS packages like QGIS and ArcGIS, or load the WMS in Google Earth

There are four subsurface models as explained on Each has its own WMS servie, which bundle many individual WMS layers:

Two examples of GeoTOP formation "alt_onowa" via WMS in Google Earth: Formatie van Naaldwijk, Laagpakket van Walcheren, gelegen boven Formatie van Naaldwijk, Laagpakket van Zandvoort



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