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On this page we include some documentation on the source and processing datasets we disseminate via our OpenEarth servers.

Per owner/organization

  • Cohesive sediments
    • TNO North Sea (Dutch Continental Shelf) grain size maps, incl percentage mud
    • Sediment atlas Wadden Sea
    • Rijkswaterstaat Suspended sediment time series
    • Rijkswaterstaat Cefas buoy
    • Rijkswaterstaat scanfish
    • ...
  • Nederland
    • Bodemkaart

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Verzameling data bronnen_20140503.02.xlsx 1209377.002 verkenning informatievoorziening; Verzameling relevante databases voor RWS 27-06-2014 by Bas Stengs

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