TNO DINO cores for Dutch Continentel Shelf in OpenEarth:

  1. Raw data + scripts (ascii + Matlab)
    1. Either order the ASCII data from SeaDataNet with as many files per order as possible, you can use this shortcut to the correct query: CDI partner=TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands. You will have place 14 orders of 1000 items each to get all 13963 items (all 13963 items would be one 7 Mb zip file). You can work with these data with the openearthtools odv Matlab toolbox or pyodv python toolbox or use the ODV user interface.
    2. Or get the data directly from TNO via DINOloket
    3. We stored our scripts to work with the data in
  2. Standardized data (PostgreSQL-PostGIS)
    1. You can load the 13963 seperate SeaDataNet ODV files intro a PostgreSQL-PostGIS database with the openearthtools pyodv python toolbox. You can then serve all data as WFS or WMS by connecting geoserver to it.
  3. Visualized data (kml): These vizualations were made by with joint effort from TNO (data query) + Deltares (tools).


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