Here is the documentation about the Dune Foot position dataset based on

  • 1843-1998 Rijkswaterstaat dataset
  • 1965-... Jarkus profiles dataset

Dune foot data in OpenEarth:

Dune Foot indicator along the Dutch coast is available from 1843 until today (2014). Data in the range 1843-1964 relies on 1843-1998 Rijkswaterstaat dataset. Remaining data (in the range 1965-...) relies on the Jarkus profiles dataset. Different Dune Foot definitions are available from literature. Two of them are contained in the DF dataset:

  1. Upper boundary as defined for MKL datasets
  2. +3 m NAP intersection with JarKus profile is structured similarly to the JarKus dataset, although it contains data from 1843 until now. More information here. Dimensions for dune_foot_upperMKL* and dune_foot_threeNAP*  are time and alongshore:


TODO: Better compliancy with CF

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