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Kustlijn dataset is based on data received from It contains information on the Basiskustlijn (BKL),  Toetsen KustLijn (TKL),  Momentane KustLijn (MKL) along the Dutch coast from 1990 until today. Further information on the indicators can be found in the Kustijnkaartenboek itself. A standardized version of the dataset has been created and stored as netCDF here (for BKL, TKL and Trend, as defined by Rijkswaterstaat) and here (for MKL, as defined by Rijkswaterstaat). The dataset follows JarKus data structure.

Furthermore, visualization in Google Earth has been created and stored here.

Kustlijn data in OpenEarth:

  1. Raw data + scripts (ascii + Matlab)
  2. Standardized data (netCDF on OPeNDAP)
  3. Visualized data (kml)

Dataset description:

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