It is kindly suggested to read the WMS Primer page (WxS - OpenEarth - Deltares Public Wiki) before continue reading this tutorial. This page will guide on how to make a WMS request to the server. The attention will be focused on Vaklodingen Dataset and it will be explained how to open and display data in Qgis via OCG Web Mapping Service. We have chosen “” file. First of all we need to make a request to the server, as explained in WMS Primer page. Get the information from the service by typing the GetCapabilities request on your search engine. We can type the following URL:

The GetCapabilities request allows to display the contents of the file, such as the datasets it contains (Layers) and the time series. This Vaklodingen file cointains the altitude data related to different years, from 1985 to 2013. Since we know what the file includes, it is possible to decide what we want to display and what we will be looking at. To add the WMS layer to Qgis from the top menu go to Layer>Add Layer>Add WMS/WMTS Layer>New:

















We can choose the name we prefer, then we can copy the URL of the WMS Service:

Select “Ok”.


Now select “Connect”.
















Select Vaklodingen layer and the Image Encoding preferred, then press “Add”.














If we don’t specify the time slice we want to display, the default time slice is the latest, in this case is 2013. To select another year we need to modify the URL. Suppose we want to display the layer for year 1985:


It is necessary to keep the WMS format of the time and to ignore GetMap and GetFeatureInfo URI reported in capabilities, in order to use given URI from the URL-field above.




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