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XBeach and OpenEarth repository migration finished

The new XBeach, OpenEarthTools, OpenEarthModels and OpenEarthRawData repositories have been migrated in Oct 2011.

Subversion (SVN) errors

Does your commit fail? Do you get a request to relocate your repository?
We migrated the OpenEarth and XBeach Subversion (SVN) repositories. Read more on the migration below. Read more on these errors here.

In the second half of October 2011, the Subversion (SVN) repositories of the OpenEarth and XBeach projects will be migrated to the new and dedicated open-source software (OSS) servers of Deltares: (why?). The following table shows which repositories are migrated to what location:

If you want to start to use one or more of the OpenEarth and XBeach repositories at the new location, you will need to follow this manual in order to:

All users will be notified by e-mail when the migration starts. Please make sure you followed these steps before migration.

The three steps are explained below for the XBeach repository. The same account can be used for any of the other repositories at the new OSS location. To migrate working copies of any of the other repositories, please use the appropriate addresses from the table above. The explanation below is made using the free SVN client Tortoise, but works similar with any other SVN client. Tortoise can be downloaded here.

If you need to migrate all your working copies, this might be the right time to upgrade your Tortoise to version 1.7, released oct 11th, which requires upgrading the working copy anyway. Note: We ourselves have no experience with this migration yet, so we can't help you. In fact, most of us might keep on using TortoiseSVN 1.6.x.

This manual does not use the "Relocate" function from Subversion, but creates an entirely new working copy. You may try to relocate your working copy, but this method is proven not to be fail safe. Therefore, we describe a more robust solution here.

Register at the OSS website

Not necessary for Deltares employees

Deltares employees do not need to register at the OSS website! They can use their internal Deltares credentials to log on to the portal websites and Subversion servers.

To get access to the new repository you need a free open-source software (OSS) account. If you already have an account for the Open-Delft3D website, you can reuse this account and skip this step. Otherwise, you will need to open a browser and navigate to the OSS website at In the upper-right corner of the website, you will find a "Register"-link:

If you click the "Register"-link, a registration form will appear. You need to fill out this form and select the community which you want to join (XBeach or OpenEarth). Note that this is not the sign-up link on the wiki you are currently reading! If you want to join both, pick your favorite. Your account will be valid for all communities. The selection is only needed for future use. Don't forget to copy the verification code (captcha) from the image as well:

If you click save, you will receive the following message and an e-mail with your unique user name ("Screen name") and (temporary) password. For technical reasons your user name will have have suffix ".x".

In the same screen, you can log in to the OSS portal website. At your first login, the End User License Agreement (EULA) will be shown. You can accept this agreement at the bottom of the page in order to continue:

Your registration is now complete and you will be re-directed to the portal website of your choice, if it exists, or to the main OSS website. In either case, it is advised to change your temporary password to a password of your choice. In the upper-right corner of any page of the OSS portal website, you will find your name if you are logged in:

Click your name to open the Control Panel, in which you can change your personal settings, including your password:

If you want to change other settings, have a look around! Don't be fooled by the list of communities, because you have access to all communities anyway. To change your temporary password, click the "Password"-link and you will get the following screen to change your password:

Create a new working copy

Relocate is also an option

This section describes a fail-safe, but time-consuming way of migrating your working copy. A more elegant and faster method is described here. It is, however, more likely to pop-up some errors. You might give it a try, if it doesn't work you can always use the method described below!

Now the old repository is up-to-date and you created a new OSS user account, it is time to create a new working copy that is pointing to the new Subversion server. (An extensive manual on the use of svn is available, this manual can serve as a 1st svn course.) Start with renaming your current working copy, if you want:

Then create a new directory for the new working copy:

Make a checkout from the new repository to this working copy directory:

In the "URL of reposiotry"-field, fill in the address to the new repository you want to checkout (see the table at the top of this page, second column):

Click OK and fill in the credentials from your newly created OSS account, if requested:

Again, click OK and a checkout will be made from the new repository location:

From now on, use your new working copy and everything will be as usual. Besides, you have access to the OSS portals to join and initiate discussions. In the near future, you will be able to access development tools like an issue tracking system and a test environment.

If you try to commit a change to the XBeach repository, you might get the following or similar error:

This means that you do not have writing permissions to the repository. This error should not come up when using one of the OpenEarth repositories. If you think you should have write access to the XBeach repository, please file a request by contacting the XBeach team.

Commit your changes

Too late

It is too late to commit your changes to the old repository, since it is down. You will receive an error similar to:

Please try to relocate you repository or alternatively, try to create a new checkout according to the procedure described above.

At the start of the migration, the current repositories will become read-only and no changes can be made to the state of the repositories at that moment. Any changes you want to be saved, should be committed before migration. Using Tortoise this works as indicated by the following two screen shots:

Now click OK!

Did you forget to commit your changes before the migration? Please make sure you create a new working copy and copy your changes into the new working copy. Commit your changes to the new server.

Why are XBeach and OpenEarth migrating?

The reasons that the XBeach and OpenEarth repositories will be migrated are:

  • The open-source server has improved user-account facilities, like the "forgot password" option.
  • The new user accounts can also be used for the open-source web portals hosted at (single sign-on for Delft3D, XBeach and OpenEarth).
  • These user accounts will be linked to other development tools like an issue tracking system (JIRA) and test environment (TeamCity) in the near future.


If you experience problems with the migration, please contact

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