• Open a web-browser, log-in to svn.oss.deltares.nl (after signing-up on oss.deltares.nl) and scroll to the directory you want to have a local copy from. Many companies use a proxy server, so you cannot access it directly. Please ask your IT department. Open also a file browser and go to the folder where you want the copy to be placed, e.g. d:\checkouts\. Create a subfolder where the tools should be put, e.g. OET.
    Now Right-click on that subfolder and click the "SVN Checkout" option. This is only there when you have installed TortoiseSVN first.
    Also here a proxy configuration might be required (TorToiseSVN > Settings (left) and FireFox > Options (right))
  • DO NOT USE THE "CREATE REPOSITORY HERE" OPTION" !, this is meant for creating a server-mother copy.

  • Copy the url from the browser and paste it into the TortoiseSVN form.
  • Pressing enter will start downloading your local copy. After it is done the subfolder will have a new icon, this green tick indicates that your local folder has not been changed yet with respect to the version you got.
  • Go into the subfolder and you will see that the contents is the same as in the browser.