Target user 1: software provider/DSS-provider
Target user 2: water authority Ouagadougou

Pre-condition: Software provider has Mike11-NAM and SOBEK-CF model available. Surrounding catchments of the White Volta are modelled with NAM, the river with SOBEK-CF.

Target: the authority wants a tailored decision support system to change the land use in the catchments and assess the impact on peak flow.

Success scenario = happy water authority (smile)

  1. start DSS-application and open Ouagadougou project file
    • system shows the background map
    • on top of the map the following model features are shown: river stretch (as modelled in SOBEK-CF), catchments (as delineated in NAM), gauging stations (as available in SOBEK-CF)
  2. the user selects the Ouagadougou gauging station to look at a graph of the peak flow as modelled in the base reference
  3. the user is unhappy (peak flow is too high) and opens a graph with the longitudinal profile view to understand how the flow builds up along the river
  4. after analysing the profile, the user has decide where he wants to change land use in order to reducte the peak flow
  5. the user creates a new scenario and
    • modifies land use parameters
      • right-click catchment and modify land use parameters
    • rerun the models 
    • saves the modifications and the results
  6. the user opens the graph display to look at the peak flow at Ouagadougou gauging station
  7. the user opens the longitudinal profile display to look at an animation of the flow building up along the river

How to address in Version 1


How to address in version 2