List use cases here which we were implementing in the past and where we met difficult areas when configuring and using it.

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Most important use cases

It was decided at the OATC WEB meeting on Wednesday January 24th 2008, that we each participant should select on use case that is considered especially important and elaborate this use case into more details.

So please edit the list below:

Use Cases

Typical types of Use Cases to be elaborated

Model to model

  • Steady-to-steady model
  • Transient-to-transient model
    • persistant state
    • numerical stabilization of first timestep
    • save state, move to another computer and restore state
    • clone state and use elsewhere

Run scenarios for one model

    • OpenMI 1.2: Make a trigger, make a link, addLink, Get value....
    • OpenMI 2.0 MyModel.Run;

Generic OpenMI-tools and services

  • services
    • data transformation
  • tools
    • visualization
    • data editor

Retrieve data from data stores

  • relational data bases
  • GIS
  • files

Distributed computing

  • web services
  • parallelization and distribution

User applications utilizing OpenMI-components

  • DSS, Frameworks
  • GUI
  • presentation app.
  • Scenarios ..
  • Real-time systems (incl. data acquisition, model runs)

Multi-simulation applications

  • Calibration
  • optimization
  • iteration
  • data assimilation