The OATC will release new versions of the GUI and the SDK from time to time. However, correction of minor bugs or inconveniences does not automatically trigger a release. This means that in some cases it can be useful to get a non released version of either the SDK or the configuration editor (GUI). Although the code you would get is not tested to the same extent as released code, it should still be pretty stable due to extensive unit testing.

The OATC OpenMI source code is located on the SourceForge open source server. It is using SVN for version control.

If you want to download the most recent version you should follow the steps listed below:

  • If you do not already have svn client installed on your computer you need to install such client. We recommend the Tortoise, which works as plug-in for your windows explorer. You can download the free version from :
  • Now create a folder where you want the source code to be located.
  • Right click on the newly created directory and select SVN Checkout...

  • All the files are then downloaded to your computer and you should see the dialog shown below while downloading.

Once you have been through the checkout steps, you can simply right click on your local directory and select "update" in order to get/update your files to the most recent version.

Note that the "TortoiseSVN" right-click-menu contains different functionality for interacting with the source control system.

Folder structure in trunk

  • doc: Documentation files. Specific versions for .Net and Java are in subfolders.
  • src: All source files
    • csharp/java: Versions of the source files for different languages. This folder contains a file for building all the source code for that language. (For CSharp, a Visual studio solution called Oatc.OpenMI.All.sln)
      • OpenMI.Standard2: The OpenMI standard version 2
      • OATC.OpenMI: Implementation provided by the OATC.
        • Examples: Contains a number of subfolders, each with their example of an OpenMI linkable component.
        • External: Third party dlls that are required when building some of the projects.
        • ModelWrappers: Contains a number of subfolders, each providing helper class for wrapping models into Linkable Components. The EngineWrapper subfolder contains what correspods to the 1.4 IEngine helper classes.
        • SDK: Software Development Kit, default implementation of classes in the standard, and helper classes for different purposes. Split into Backbone (default implementation of standard), Buffer (buffering and time interpolation), DevelopmentSupport (misc) and Spatial (interpolation in space).
        • Tests: Contains unit test projects for projects in the OATC.OpenMI folder, with a similar subfolder structure.
Building the source code

For the .Net version of the source code, Visual Studio 2008 solutions are provided. However, any csharp compiler that can handle .Net Framework 3.0 should be able to build the sources.

Getting another version of the source

If you want another version of the source, you can locate that using the repository browser, or by using the web interface at

To get the 1.4 standard branch, in the "Url of repository" you could then enter