OpenMI Association Technical Committee meeting no 10

Date: November 14, 2007

Venue: Web-meeting    

Jan Gregersen, LICTEK ( (chairman of the meeting)
Unknown User (, DHI - Water & Environment (
Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (
Stef Hummel, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (onnoroos), Alterra (
Rob Knapen, Alterra (


  • Status on OpenMI release tasks, as listed on source forge.


Agenda & Minutes / Issues:

1. OpenMI release tasks 

We went through the release tasks on source forge, which were had deadlines before November 15 or were marked as 100% completed. Some tasks were signed off (closed) and for some tasks the deadline was postponed.

2. Any other business

  • It was decided to combine the Java standard and the .Net standard into one single release (one zip file).
  • The SDK release will include all directories on the source forge 1.4 release branch except the MyOpenMISource directory.
  • We had a discussion about OpenMI.Standard.IEvent.Sender property returns ILinkableComponent, which in principle should be IPublisher. However, changing the standard at this late moment is a bit risky. Stef and Rob will write a note (10. Should IEvent.Sender be an IPublisher?) about the consequences of changing the standard, and the possible problems of not changing the standard. We will discuss this issue again at the technical meeting in Wallingford (next week). For the alpha release we will not make any changes to the standard interfaces.
  • It was decided that Adrian should go ahead and make to alpha release (starting tomorrow).

3. Next web meeting

We will have an open technical meeting in wallingford on Thursday 22nd. At this meeting we will set the date for the next web meeting.