OpenMI Association Technical Committee meeting no 13

Date: January 16, 2008

Venue: Web-meeting    

Jan Gregersen, LICTEK ( (chairman of the meeting)
Unknown User (, DHI - Water & Environment (
Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (


  • Status on tasks (those on source forge) and planning the period from now until the February OATC meeting.


Agenda & Minutes / Issues:

1. Task status


  • Release tasks
    OpenMI 1.4 has been released and the two remaining and already completed tasks were removed.
  • Release tasks
    • There are two tasks which both are assigned to Gena, Jan will main a reminder to Gena.
    • A task on Stef to update the new version 2 branch was added
  • Miscellaneous tasks
    Two completed tasks were closed.

2. Any other business

  • We will focus on use cases at the next OATC meeting. Jan will organize the existing use cases and make a suggestion for prioritizing among the use cases. To be discussed further at the next OATC web meeting.
  • Jan will contact Jon Goodall and invite him the attend the next web meeting.
  • The time for web meeting will in the future be from 2pm to 3pm (GMT)

3. Next web meeting

see the calender