The Design Guideline Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments can be purchased at Taylor&Francis Group/CRCPressAmazon or Bol.comThis paper provides a summary.

  • Offering the most reliable and complete guideline available for the design of basal reinforced piled embankments
  • Featuring the most up-to-date insights in the behaviour of basal reinforced piled embankments, including the Concentric Arches model
  • Extensive calculation examples are included
  • Providing construction details and many practical tips

Prof. Richard Bathurst has written a review of  our design guideline. You can read it here, with free access on the Geosynthetics International website.

The 2016 revision adopted the Concentric Arches model developed by Deltares. This model was described in the doctorate dissertation of Van Eekelen, 2015 and two open access journal papers: Van Eekelen, et al, 2015 and Van Eekelen, S.J.M. et al, 2013


Design Guideline Basal Reinforced Piled embankments.

The design guideline consists of:

  • Requirements and limitations, how to calculate with traffic, partial safety factors
  • Requirements and design of the piles and the pile caps.
  • Requirements and design of the basal reinforcement. 
  • Construction, maintenance.
  • Extensive calculation examples for the design of the basal reinforcement and the pile caps.


The Dutch version of Piled Embankment: Paalmatrassystemen
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