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This tool imports a GEF file into an Excel spreadsheet. In order to able to use this tool, you should have Excel installed on your computer. The GEF file is split into two parts, which will be converted into two worksheets. The first worksheet consists of all information in the header of the file. The second worksheet has all information present in the data block.


You can dowload the program by clicking on 'download it now'. Installation is straight forward.

  • Wait untill you have received your (free) key via e-mail
  • Navigate to the directory where you have saved the downloaded file.
  • Unzip the file you have downloaded. Paste the key in the password window. See left figure. You are free to choose a location you like.
  • Run the program ImpGFxls.exe once. A filedialog will pop up, where to save the file. See right figure. 
  • ImportGEFintoExcel.exe is now ready for use.


Paste your key or type it in

Installation screen ImportGEFinExcel

You can create a subdirectory on any disk you like. Optionally you can create a shortcut on your desktop. If you are not familiar with this technique, ask your administrator how to do it, or let him do it.


Run the program from the command line or double click it on your desktop. A window will pop up:

View of importGEFintoExcel 

  1. Press the button "Choose and convert a file".
  2. A file dialog will popup. This will allow you to browse and choose a GEF file.
  3. When you have chosen the input file, a "Save as" file dialog will popup to choose the name of your output file.

You can stop the program by pressing the button "Finish", or abort it by "Abort".


1) Limited amount of rows A GEF file has no hard limit on the number of scans, other than less than 2 billion (=231). An Excel file is limited to 65000 rows (=216). Those scans within the GEF file, with a number exceeding 65000, are not saved into the spreadsheet. If your file is longer than 65000 scans, you are advised either to delete scans or skip scans. The program zoomsave will enable you to visually select a specific range of scans. To skip scans, e.g. keep only the scans with an odd number, or a number which is a multiple of  10, choose the program skipscan.

2) Feature When you push 'Cancel' when saving the XLS file, Excel will automatically start up with the XLS version of the GEF file just converted.

3) Two sheets The GEF file is split up into two parts. The first part, "Data", contains the scans of the data block. In the first row the column heading is filled with information from the keywords Columninfo. The second part, "Header", is a copy of the header of the GEF file. Each keyword and its fields is split up into separate cells.






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