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Software requirements

TestDefiner needs at least .NET Framework v4.5.2 runtime to be installed on your system (Download link).

What's new


XML files that were created by an older version of TestDefiner 1.3.0.x cannot be opened with the latest 1.3.0.x version, because some new variables might be introduced. Please add these variables manually in the XML file or contact the developer for help.
The XML files that were created by TestDefiner 1.1.x.x, however, can still be opened.

  • Fixed: Deleting of multiple folders not possible.
  • Improvement: XML validation during saving added, when validation fails previous version is reloaded.

  • Increased .NET Framework version from 2.0 to 4.5.2 (Built using Visual Studio 2017 Express).
  • Verified to be able to run on Windows 7/8/10.
  • Extended the Name text boxes in the RVU Settings dialog so a longer procedure name will fit.
  • Error message is now shown when Quantity and Unit fields are filled with only numbers, or when a semicolon character (';') is present.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop items between two TestDefiner instances does not work on Windows 7.
  • Fixed: Reduced the sensitivity of drag and drop detection to prevent unwanted item duplication.
  • Fixed: ListView item selection is now retained after returning from edit mode (by pressing OK or Cancel).

  • The tooltip messages for the UI controls inside the Tab pages are now shown when the mouse pointer enters a control (e.g. textbox, label) or when the control focus is active (by pressing Tab)
  • Ctrl-Enter can now be used to start a new line on rich textbox controls (e.g. Documentation, Description)
  • Fixed: The last chosen 'responsible/input editor' and 'applied procedure/method' is retained when creating a new item. The initial choice should be empty.
  • Fixed: Exception occured when the description of a new folder (without items) is modified
  • Fixed: Exception occured when Cancel is directly pressed after creating a new item
  • Fixed: Pressing OK when editing child items always sets the 'is_dbquery' to true
  • Fixed: The chosen 'responsible/input editor' and 'applied procedure/method' on child items are not shown in the Details window
  • Fixed: Renaming the labels of child items will scramble the order of the items in the list.

  • Keydown event handlers added to most of the dialogs (Applied procedures, Coordinate systems, Input editors, Dropdowns). User can now press Enter, Escape or Delete to edit, close dialog/cancel editing or delete an item respectively.
  • The variable 'Reference' in child items is now optional, because reference is not yet known during the XML design
  • Calibration and location text items are now optional
  • Fixed: When creating a child item, the first one does not have a number ('Child' instead of 'Child0001')
  • Fixed: Reserved folders' name are editable
  • Fixed: Creating a new folder caused an exception
  • Fixed: Exception occured when a new item is created unsuccessfully (e.g. duplicate shortname or empty required fields) and then cancelled
  • Fixed: When multiple instances of TestDefiner are active, the application index on the main form title is gone when a modified XML file is saved

  • Fixed: Creating a new item with empty required fields (e.g. quantity) caused an exception
  • Fixed: After conversion of old XML, a location/calibration text items were always created for all columns

  • Removed the XSD schema url from XML
  • Fixed: Changing the datatype of an existing Text/Number item to Column caused an exception

  • New feature: Enumerations for dropdown selection
  • New variable for (Specimen) Text/Number items: Enumeration type
  • Changed: For column sensors, the corresponding calibration and location text item's names are renamed with suffix '_Calibration' and '_Location', respectively

  • New variable for Column sensor calibration items: Target Quantity number
  • Fixed: Copying Specimen Text/Number items to Analysis/Report/Filing phase caused an exception
  • Fixed: Empty functional folders was written to XML file

  • New XML 1.3.0 standard
    • Standardized XML element tags
    • Introduction of new SYSTEM items
    • Only one root Coordinate System is allowed
  • New feature: Creation of a new and empty XML file
  • New feature: Drag and drop XML file
  • XML files created by the previous versions of TestDefiner will automatically be converted to the latest version
  • The various datatypes, except for SYSTEM, are now hidden from the user. In the GUI display, each phase will directly contain the functional folders. The structure in the XML file is unchanged.
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