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Joost van den Roovaart


On this site, the progress of the TKI-project will be described with regular updates (at least every three months).

Also the products (or links to the products) and other communications generated within the project will be presented on this site.


 The main activity in the project is

The design and implementation of the financial mitigation tool in the Waituna Delta Data Viewer application.



 2016 Q2:

  • On April 2016 the contract of the project was signed.
  • The project is planned in the period 10th April 2016 -  31st December 2016

  • The project activities have started.
  • The proposed approach of the development of the Financial Mitigation Tool by DairyNZ has been reviewed by Deltares.

 2016 Q4:

  • The documentation of the Financial Mitigation Tool is ready in concept.

2017 Q1:

  • The concept documentation has been discussed and mock ups of the DDV-site have been made.
  • Preparation of the software building activities.

Overview of outcome of the main activities of the project:



Products and communication:




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