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A bit ugly but we can write integration tests involving Windows.Forms controls (smile)

        public void CreateAndShowTransectDataView()
            var app = mocks.Stub<IApplication>();
            var gui = mocks.Stub<IGui>();
            var project = new Project();
            app.Project = project;
            gui.Application = app;

            var provider = new DurosPlusModelViewProvider {Gui = gui};

            var transectData = DurosPlusModelMockHelper.CreateSampleTransectData();

            project.RootFolder.Add(transectData); // <-- project must contain TransectData in order to create DurosPlus model

            var view = (Control)provider.CreateView(typeof (TransectDataView), transectData);

            // show a message box when item is added to the project
            project.RootFolder.CollectionChanged += delegate(object sender, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
                log.DebugFormat("New item has been added: {0}", e.Item);

                // assert
                e.Item.Should("check if newly added item is Duros+ model").Be.OfType<DurosPlusModel>();

            // select 2 checkboxes and click on a "Create Duros+ Models" button.
            var groupBoxSelection = (GroupBox)view.Controls["groupBoxSelection"];
            var checkedListBoxTransect = (CheckedListBox)groupBoxSelection.Controls["checkedListBoxTransect"];
            var checkedListBoxYear = (CheckedListBox)groupBoxSelection.Controls["checkedListBoxYear"];
            var buttonCreateDurosPlusModels = (Button)view.Controls["buttonCreateDurosPlusModels"];

            // do something after form is displayed
            Action<Form> formShownAction = delegate 
                checkedListBoxTransect.SetItemChecked(0, true);
                checkedListBoxYear.SetItemChecked(0, true);

            WindowsFormsTestHelper.ShowModal(view, formShownAction);

After test runs:

  • 2 checkboxes are checked
  • button is clicked
  • model is created and added to the project
  • assert checks if added item is of a proper type

Some tips on how to use it:

  • Make sure to name all controls on the form correctly
  • Use Document Outline in Visual Studio to check names of controls, make sure names are readable and intuitive!

Probably we should refactor WindowsFormsTestHelper a little to make it more usable. Add any ideas as comments to the current blog post.

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  1. Unknown User (berg_p)

    You can easily test the behavior of the form by sending keystrokes to it using the SendKeys class

    public void ShowNonInterpolatedFunctioAndAddNewValue()
         IFunction function = new Function();
         var x = new Variable("x");
         var y = new Variable("y");
         function[3] = 20;
         function[4] = 30;
         function[5] = 50;
         x.InterpolationType = ApproximationType.None;
         var functionView = new FunctionView { Data = function };
         Action onShown = delegate
             Assert.AreEqual(new[] { 3, 4, 5 }, x.Values);
             // Set focus to table and 4th row 
             // enter a new value to the table
          WindowsFormsTestHelper.ShowModal(functionView, onShown);
          Assert.AreEqual(new[] { 3, 4, 5, 9}, x.Values);