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Arthur asked me if Subversion can be enabled in JIRA and it after playing a bit it seems to work!

I enabled JIRA for our project as shown on the following screenshot:

... after that I also found a nice plugin for TortoiseSVN (handy features). This plugin extends TortoiseSVN with JIRA support allowing to select issues instead of typing their names, so:

  1. Make sure to install SvnPluginInstall.msi.
  2. Enable it in TortoiseSVN using TortoiseSVN -> Settings -> Issue Tracker Integration. Click the "Add..." button and see if the provider "CSharpTest.Net.SvnPlugin.MyPlugin" appears. Type D:\src\delta-shell there or other path to you source code.

As result it should display a nice dialog showing list of JIRA issues.

Also it seems to work with filters defined in JIRA so we can define filter for every sprint!

Let's use it?


  1. Unknown User (lourens)

    it don't work

  2. It does work now. I have used it for a while now and I think it is very usefull, I like it!
    I can't do everything with it that I would like to. Eg now you can only assign it to someone else when you change the status(resolved, closed). Sometimes I don't want to change the status but assign to someone else anyway. Is that an option?

  3. Sadly this tool doesn't work with JIRA 7 anymore, because JIRA 7 doesn't work with Soap.