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Since its introduction in 2002/2003, the current generation of the Delft-FEWS operational forecasting platform has found application in over forty fourty operational forecasting centers worldwide. The platform is used to link data and models in real time and to produce forecasts on a daily basis. In some cases it forms a building block of a country-wide national or even international forecasting system using distributed client-server technology. In other cases it is applied at a much smaller scale on a simple desktop workstation, providing forecasts for a single basin. The flexibility of the software in open integration of models and data has additionally appealed to the research community and year-on-year hundreds of features are added.


The current version of Delft-FEWS is built on the past experience from forecasting systems that Deltares developed for Sudan, Pakistan and Czech Republic during the 90s, as well as for the Dutch government for the Rhine and Meuse. Already then, the need for a separate GUI, data and model was recognized and the concept of model adapters was applied. 

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Around 2000, the first Delft-FEWS software was developed, based on Java, initiated by various projects like the European Flood Forecasting System, FEWS Switzerland, Rhine and Tanshui (Taiwan).