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  • Update the manuals and the corresponding wix files
  • Update the version number in the trunk to <Next upgrade of Minor release>. The following files should be updated:
    • AssemblyInfo.Version.cs
    • AssemblyInfo.Version.WL.cs
    • MorphAn.wixproj
  • Update, if needed, the copyright year which is shown in the properties for *.exe and *.dll files.
    • AssemblyInfo.Version.cs
  • Update, if needed, the copyright year which is contained in the files headers.
    • AssemblyInfo.Version.WL.cs
    • Product.wxs (entry <?define splashScreenCopyright="© Deltares 2021"?> )
  • Make a TeamCity <Release Branch> configuration 
  • Tag the release version in TeamCity in the <Release Branch> configuration (in particular the Build MSI artefact)
  • Make sure the executable is signed and pinned on