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titleNotes on implementation

Current implementation does not directly use the output time series in calculating the error. Instead to obtain the observed value Pobs it looks at the input time series for the same location as the output time series.

This is because it enables to change changing the flag of a time series with different parameters / units compared to the input.

In case the output does need to be used in the calculation, make sure it is also present in the input and use the same location set for input as well as output for consistencyorder for this to work correctly, the locations / location set of the input and output time series must be the same.


  • id: identifier of the check.
  • variableDefinition: embedded variable definition (see above).
  • inputVariableId: One or more identifiers for variables of which the flags have to be used.
  • outputVariableId: One or more identifiers for variables for which the flags have to be modified.
  • searchRadius: The maximum radius for selecting reference locations in meters.