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  • Activity progress: this shows the progress of the activity that is running, this will only show a number higher than 0 when execute activities in the general adapter either read the progress from the console of the executable and / or have <activityDurationWeight> configured. See the console element of the general adapter. 
  • Workflow Node Index: this shows which part of the workflow is currently being executed. Via right mouse "show in workflow navigator" the workflow and its steps can be inspected. This way the user can track which part of the workflow is currently being exectuted.

Image RemovedIf the option <updateModuleRunTimesOnCompletion> is configured in the ModuleInstanceDescriptors.xml , Fews will register the last duration of the run. This information is then used to estimate the expected completion time, the next time you run this workflow. To see these estimates at the module level in the bottom table, one needs to select the task in the top table of the Running Forecast tab. Note that the progress of the module (at the bottom) is an estimate based on previous runs, while the Task progress at the top is typically based on actual progress reported by the General Adapter.

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A manually dispatched task can be killed by pressing on the 'Kill Running Task' button. Note that this is a hard process kill which may lead to corruption of the local datastore. 


Last import time stays red if the time series has been never imported for that data feed. The picture below illustrates this.  There is no time series imported from Q_m.xml,  because the wanted time series were not available in the file. There is also no time series imported for Level measured, since the import folder was empty.