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This element will bring the open SSD display (if any) specified in the <scadaDisplayId> element to the front , this element is optional and works well if only a single SSD display is open. In case you need to be able to open multiple SSD displays at the same time you may want to omit this element, in which the <ScadaDisplayId> element will control which window is brought to frontif it has already been opened. It will not open a new window if no SSD display with the given ID is open..


This element will first check if the SSD display with the given ID is already open, if so, this display will be brought to font to give it the focus. If the SSD display is not already open, explorer will try to re-use another SSD display and load the SSD display with given ID to replace the current content. If no SSD display is open, nothing happens, at least one SSD display must be opened as an explorer task for it to be able to respond to selection changes in the Topology panel.