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Delft-FEWS 2018.02 Solved Features
Component/sKeySummaryRelease Note TextRelease Note Text DescriptionLink to DocumentationConfig Example
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20152Migrate Scheduling and Mapping settings to 2018.02
App - Admin Web User Interface, SystemFEWS-16778FEWS-18477 Orchestrator - Expansion of existing FSS workflow mapping semantics (A.2)
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19593FEWS-17874 Naming of Clear Caches
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19588FEWS-17874 Maintenance Mode cannot be handled on login screen anymore
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-17878FEWS-17874 AI: Download option for Action Configuration
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-17877FEWS-17874 AI: Download option for Event Action Mappings
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-14914FEWS-17874 AI: Verification of the Event Action setup via Admin Interface.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20799Add additional column to the Forecasting Shell Servers tab: current run workflow ID
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-16852Admin Interface: button to cancel all scheduled tasksAll scheduled tasks can be removed nowAll scheduled tasks can be removed now
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-15958FEWS-9556 RWsOS Algemeen - M161016479\01: suggestions for improvements AI 1
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-21170Add option to create own password for Admin Interface
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20866Improvement of Information texts in AI
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20818Case insensitive login AI
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20496FEWS-18050 AI: Scheduled Tasks page - show taskruns after clicking workflow name (left column)
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20486AI: Improve wording/explanation for Scheduled Task - Run Options
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20623AI: Download of FSS Group mappings results in a incorrect fileMappings of deleted FSS Groups were not taken into accountMappings of deleted FSS Groups were not taken into account
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20624AI: Deleting of Failover priorities does not work
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19658FEWS-17874 Schedule Task select TAG from dropdown list A tag dropdown list is displayed if an tags are configured in the action configuration.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20225AI: add name of running task in dashboardCurrently running tasks now visible in status pageOn the status display in the FSS list that currently running workflow on an FSS is displayed.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20026FEWS-19650 Admin Interface should keep session alive
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19949FEWS-17874 Add support for uploading Config Manager Patch
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20219FEWS-19650 AI laat FSS'en zien die niet meer bestaan
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20195FEWS-19650 AI: Show Pending Tasks in Dashboardpending and running tasks visible on status pageBoth the number of pending and running tasks are visible in the admin interface.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20111FSS group cannot be removed if used by a FSS once
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20094FEWS-19650 Add Documentation Menu entries to Wiki and API documentation in admin interface
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-20056AI: Examples of using the REST interface for querying status information
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19401FEWS-17874 Create Authorization MatrixMatrix created.Matrix created.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-19400FEWS-17874 Incorporate Tomcat 9 for Admin Interface Developments
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-17824FEWS-17874 AI: Workflow mappings [all one-at-a-time] with FSS Groups (TVA)
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-17914In roadmap, add functionality to REST webservice to retrieve log informationAdmin Interface APIWith the admin interface api it is now possible to get logs, workflow meta data information etc. Almost all functionality of the Admin Interface is exposed as an API.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-15852FEWS-17266 AI: filter off the one-off tasks from the “Scheduled Task” sectionFilter off the one-off tasks from the “Scheduled Task” section in AIFilter off the one-off tasks from the “Scheduled Task” section in AI can be toggled. By default on-off tasks will be hidden. The settings will be stored in the local storage of the browser (not a cookie). As long as you use the same browser, the setting will be remembered.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-15704FEWS-17874 Button to remove all workflow FSS mappings on Admin InterfaceRemove all Workflow mappingsAll workflow mappings can be removed. During upload a checkbox is available as well that allows you te remove all existing mappngs as well.
App - Admin Web User InterfaceFEWS-13263FEWS-18957 NWS: #23347 (FB93) Restrict User Access and Permissions to Administrator Interface
App - ArchiveFEWS-18910Allow exporting more than 1 LDS snapshot per day in OpenArchive export It is now possible to export more then 1 snapshot day to the archive. use the element <allowMultipleDailyExports> to enable exporting multiple snapshots a day to the archive.
App - Configuration Manager GuiFEWS-19643FEWS-18245 CM should consistently do file diff / compare: old version left, new version right
App - Configuration Manager GuiFEWS-19642FEWS-18245 CM should import automatically complete config
App - Configuration Manager GuiFEWS-19359FEWS-18957 NWS: #24358 Integrate -prevent_deletion Option Directly Into CM
App - Configuration Manager GuiFEWS-15086FEWS-18957 NWS: #23445 (FB191) Implement CM Permission System to Restrict User Access to Operational Configuration
App - Configuration Manager GuiFEWS-20123FEWS-19650 FFFS: User ID should have Operator Client or Configuration Manager Info attachedLive system status monitor: users logged in now showes user id + session type (OC, CM, FS etc.)
App - Data Conversion ModuleFEWS-18144DCM Export: MeteoAlarm (CAP format)MeteoAlarm Cap exportMeteoAlarm Cap export generates cap files to folder and posts them to SOAP servicew.
App - Forecasting Shell ServerFEWS-20007FEWS-19650 Create Windows Service for FSSLauncher
App - Forecasting Shell ServerFEWS-16783FEWS-18451 Simplified operation of Delft-FEWS FewsShell component (B.2.A)
App - Forecasting Shell ServerFEWS-16782Simplified deployment of Delft-FEWS Forecasting Shell Servers (B.2)
App - Forecasting Shell ServerFEWS-20345FEWS-19650 Number of FSSs in ready state don't match the number in the FSS group
App - Forecasting Shell ServerFEWS-20196FEWS-19650 FSS should be able to belong to different groupsMap or unmap all workflows for a FSS GroupIn the workflow mapping matrix the headers now contain a checkbox that can be used to map or unmap all filtered workflows for a FSS group.
App - Master Controller Server, System - SynchronisationFEWS-20260FEWS-10616 TVA: request to disable synchronisation of config in MC-MC synch {code} <remotemc mcid="roadmapmc01" > <database ...> </database> <mcSynchronisation> <recordtype type="Config"> <modifier> <synchlevel level="99"/> </modifier> </recordtype> </mcSynchronisation> </remotemc> {code}
App - Master Controller ServerFEWS-17386FEWS-17996 TVA: Request to not automatically run tasks on primary system when a failover is triggered
App - Master Controller ServerFEWS-19242FEWS-18957 NWS: #45852 Events Codes should contain specific details to take appropriate actionAdd mc id to SYSLOG event codesThere are several SYSLOG event codes which can occur in FEWS, like "SYSLOG.RemoteMCLost" and "SYSLOG.McSynchSuspended" etc. The log message for these events would already include the mcId. These mcId's have now been added to the event codes. For example: "SYSLOG.RemoteMCLost.<mcId>" and "SYSLOG.McSynchSuspended.<sourceMcId>.<destinationMcId>"
App - Forecasting Shell Server, App - Master Controller ServerFEWS-20143FEWS-18469 Prevent simultaneous runs for certain workflows (import, update runs and amalgamate) - rollback
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)FEWS-20124FEWS-19650 FFFS: When uploading a new Patch.jar the OC has an incomplete message
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)FEWS-18669FEWS-18445 Create icon for locations not existing at system time
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)FEWS-18973FEWS-18957 NWS: #45907 Ability to adjust only plot axis font size via Explorer Options
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)FEWS-17298Filters take precedence over linked displaygroup plots in topologyAdd enableAutoClearParameters config option to Topology.xmlWhen a filter is configured for a topology node, that filter will be automatically selected when the node is selected. By default, when selecting a filter this way the parameter selection will stay the same, if the selected parameters are present in the new filter, they will remain selected. There was already a config option present to enable FEWS to automatically select all parameters in the new filter (<enableAutoSelectParameters>). An additional config option has been added to enable FEWS to automatically clear the parameter selection (<enableAutoClearParameters>) when the a new topology node is selected for which a filter is configured.
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer), Plugin - Gui - Time Series ModifierFEWS-18963FEWS-18957 NWS: #32929 Ability to maintain local modifiers when using DDASaving uncommitted modifiers when using DDA OCUncommitted modifiers are stored in the database when using OC. When you are exiting an OC session, you can choose between keeping the uncommitted modifiers in the database or deleting them . When OC crashes, the uncommitted modifiers are not lost since they are available in the database.
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer), SystemFEWS-19455Make FEWS look more modern (no borders, use soft colors as background)
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)FEWS-16781FEWS-18469 Delft-FEWS-OC-Launcher B.1 - Simplified deployment of Operator Client - Client software wrapper
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer), Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-19106Add copyright statements to a maplayersAdd copyright statements to a maplayers
App - TeamCityFEWS-19969FEWS-19650 Basebuild jre packaging should be part of teamcity build proces
Configuration, DatabaseFEWS-18258Store and use external meteo forecast time: forecastTimeReferences {code:xml|title=ForecastLengthEstimator} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <forecastLengthEstimator xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <findLatestCommonExternalForecastTime externalForecastTimeId="test"> <eventCodeOnChange>forecast.newReference</eventCodeOnChange> <dataFeed id="dataFeed1"> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>test1</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>par</parameterId> <locationId>loc</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="hour"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </dataFeed> <dataFeed id="dataFeed2"> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>test2</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>par</parameterId> <locationId>loc</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="hour"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </dataFeed> </findLatestCommonExternalForecastTime> </forecastLengthEstimator> {code} {code:xml|title=TimeSeriesExport} <general> <exportType>PI 1.5</exportType> <folder>../junit_test_output/nl/wldelft/fews/system/plugin/dataExport/TimeSeriesExportTest/exportPiExternalForecastTimeId/export</folder> <exportFileName> <name>rainfallPiExternalForecastTimeId.xml</name> </exportFileName> <idMapId>Telemetry</idMapId> <unitConversionsId>UnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <flagConversionsId>FlagConversions</flagConversionsId> <exportMissingValueString>-999.0</exportMissingValueString> <externalForecastTimeId>test</externalForecastTimeId> </general> {code} {code:xml|title=TimeSeries in workflow after forecast length estimator} <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportTMSI</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>P</parameterId> <locationId>Rain93</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="10"/> <externalForecastTimeId>test</externalForecastTimeId> <readWriteMode>read complete forecast</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> {code}
ConfigurationFEWS-19306Samenhang workflows: Configuratie workflow dependenciesForecast Management and displaying workflow dependenciesIn Forecast Management display a new tab ‘Workflow schema’ can be opened , to see the workflows that have been involved to create a forecast. The “Workflow schema” tab can be opened from the tab ‘Forecast Overview’ or from the tab ‘Current Forecasts’ by selecting a forecast, opening popup menu and selecting menu ‘Workflow Schema Ctrl+S’. See picture ForecastManagerPopupMenu.png The “Workflow schema” tab will be added to the Forecast Management and will show the workflow associate with the selected forecast, and all input workflows that have generated input for that forecast. See picture ForecastManagerWorkflowSchemaTab.png Each rectangle represents a workflow . The rectangle is green when the workflow has generated any data. Otherwise the rectangle is gray. To see the time series used in a workflow, select a workflow rectangle, open popup menu and select ‘Open Workflow Navigator’. The WorkflowNavigator will show the selected workflow. Use the WorkflowNavigator popup menu to display the timeseries that are assocoiated with the forecast that has been selected in the Forecast Management display. Please note that WokflowNavigator should be opened (from the explorer tool/menu bar or loaded at startup) to be able to use it from WorkflowSchema tab. The workflow dependencies must be configured in WorkflowDescriptors.xml, with an element ‘inputWorkflowId’, for example : {code:xml} <workflowDescriptor id="TransformationMergeSimple" name="Merge" forecast="true" visible="true" autoApprove="true"> <inputWorkflowId>Import1</inputWorkflowId> <inputWorkflowId>Import2</inputWorkflowId> </workflowDescriptor> {code} inputWorkflowId’s can be configured only for a workflow you need to analyze.
ConfigurationFEWS-19733FEWS-14299 Allow configuration of rating curve parameters in combination with parameters.csv
ConfigurationFEWS-16983client.truststore improvementsclient.truststore can no longer be configured in the clientConfig.xmlThe clientConfig.xml could be configured in 2017.02. Due to cloud requirements it is no longer feasible to support this feature.
DatabaseFEWS-18257FEWS-18469 Save user settings in central database
DatabaseFEWS-20097FEWS-19650 SystemMetrics depends on view that no longer exist.See significant changes on the Delft-FEWS architecture for the 2018.02 roadmaps has rendered the FssStatus section meaningless. In below configuration examples it is documented, which configuration elements have been removed from 2018.02 (see "no longer present in 2018.02 and later" comments on this page). In 2018.02 and later, please remove the following elements from the SystemMetrics module configuration file (parameters and filters should probably cleaned up as well) otherwise errors will be logged: <buildVersionParameterId></buildVersionParameterId> <queueLengthParameterId>M.N.fsQL</queueLengthParameterId> <downParameterId>M.N.fsDown</downParameterId>
DatabaseFEWS-19553FEWS-13318 HyFS: Make database field for location attribute text modifiers 2000 characters long
DatabaseFEWS-19324Make locationAttributeModifiers text 128 characters instead of 64
DatabaseFEWS-19779FEWS-19403 Improve timeseries blob compression for millisecond time seriesSupport of milliseconds timestepThe nonequistant timestep is now also able to store times with precision up to the milliseconds. The TimeSeriesDisplay automatically displays milliseconds when relevant. To import nonequistant milliseconds with for example the generalCSV importer, simply define a dateTimePattern like {{<dateTimePattern>dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS</dateTimePattern>}}, where the .SSS represent the milliseconds.
DatabaseFEWS-18465New MS SQL Server database driver2018.02 new sqlserver jdbc urlThe 2018.02 is shipped with the mssql-jdbc-7.0.0.jre10.jar jdbc driver and the jtds driver from previous versions is no longer supported. When using SQLServer and migrating to 2018.02 or later, note that the all sqlserver jdbc url's in clientConfig.xml / must be specified using the format of the mssql driver .See also and for building the connection string and advanced authentication options. The new format is: jdbc:sqlserver://<hostname>:<port>;DatabaseName=<db>
Debug Tool - Database ViewerFEWS-20020FEWS-19650 DatabaseViewer: add column FSSGroupID in upper overviewDatabaseViewer: added column FSSGroupID in upper overview
Debug Tool - Workflow NavigatorFEWS-19308Samenhang workflows: Use dependencies of workflows in workflow navigatorWorkflowNavigator and displaying time series of the specific forecastApart from the current time series, the WorkflowNavigator (WFN) can also show the time series of the specific forecast . The forecasts to inspect should be selected in ForecastManager list or in the WorkflowSchema tab of the ForecastManager The following steps describe how to show the time series of the specific forecast in WFN (see OpenWFNFromForecastManager.png) - open WFN (should be configured in Exlorer.xml as explorerTask) - open ForecastManager , select a forecast and use forecast popup menu ‘Workflow Navigator’ And the following steps describe how to show the time series of the specific forecast selected in WorkSchema tab : - open WFN (should be configured in Exlorer.xml as explorerTask) - open ForecastManager , select a forecast and use forecast popup menu to open WorkflowSchema tab - select a workflow rectangle and use rectangle popup menu to open the WFN (see picture ForecastManagementWorkflowSchemaPopup.png) - in WFN select a workflow or module and use WFN popup menu to display the time series (see WFN.png) - the displayed time series are associated with the forecast selected in ForecastManager WorkflowNavigator and displaying time series of the specific forecast
Module Adapter - AllFEWS-19443Check compatibility all FEWS adapters with Java 11
Module Adapter - AllFEWS-20342Add property to WES PreAdapter
Module Adapter - AllFEWS-20490FEWS-20489 Improve WISKI adapter (header)
Module Adapter - Calibration, Plugin - Module - Modifiers (ModuleParameters)FEWS-18967FEWS-18957 NWS: #24409 "Preserve ratio/difference" button does not stay unchecked (calibration) The user can select in the calibration modifier if the ratio/difference between parameters should be preserved. It is also possible to select per parameter if the ratio, difference or that no relation should be preserved. Prior to this release the settings were lost after pressing the apply-button. The settings are now stored into memory so that during the FEWS session the settings are still available.
Module Adapter - DFlow-FMFEWS-19724Merge DIMR and D-Flow FM Adapter
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19788FEWS-19724 Ad PI xml time series export files to netcdf run file
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19777FEWS-19724 Implement functionality for piTimeSeriesAsBin string property
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19778FEWS-19724 Add test case for editing RTC files
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19769FEWS-19724 Add D-Flow FM adapter functionality to DIMR adapter (test case mackay)
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19730FEWS-19724 Add dimrConfig schema and castor build to Dimr Adapter
Module Adapter – DIMRFEWS-19725FEWS-19724 Create generic DIMR classes next to Sobek3 classes
Plugin - Gui - Forecast ManagerFEWS-19305Samenhang workflows: Forecast manager log panelAbility to show the log messages for a workflow selected in Forecast DisplayTo show the log-message only for a particular workflow, select a workflow in Forecast Display and enter "ctrl L", or choose "Show in Log Browser" from popup menu (right mouse click) Log Brouwser becomes visible and shows log-messages corresponding to the selected workflow.
Plugin - Gui - Forecast ManagerFEWS-18969FEWS-18957 NWS: #24072 Add ability to see selected run state in Forecast Management hoverDisplaying actual used state times in the Forecast Management tooltipWhen the individual GeneralAdapter modules contain cold or warm state search periods, then the forecast tooltip shows the earliest and the latest exported state time. An example of this tooltip is shown in the picture ForecastManagmentTooltip.png To be able to show the actual used state times, the earliest and the latest exported state time is stored in TaskRunProperties.xml. To inspect the task run properties of a forecast, select a forecast in Database Viewer and use F12-> 6 Open task run properties
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-20868FEWS-9563 FOEN: Option in Spatial display to show less decimals in values on mapAdd option in spatial display to decrease number of decimals in labelsAdds two menu items to the label drop down menu in the spatial display. One to increase and one to decrease the number of decimals shown in the labels and tooltips. If a user has used these buttons to decrease the number of decimals, this will be stored in the user settings. This setting is stored separately for each parameter group. The number of decimals can never be increased to more than the resolution with which the values are stored (the configured value resolution of the parameter group).
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-20430FEWS-20489 Allow TimeZone toggle on Spatial Display Again assigned to Onno as he is mentioned in contract. If assigned to someone else then please let me know as this will require a contract change to allow costs to be billed to project.
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-17736FEWS-17689 TVA Hydrothermal: Extend vertical slider bar for Delft3D-FLOW or D-Flow FM grids from Sigma layers to Z layers
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-20859FEWS-9563 FOEN: Add aggregation timestep in time label of spatial display
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFEWS-19513FEWS-18387 Add label to Spatial Display TooltipAdded label to Spatial Display Tooltip
Plugin - GUI - IFD - ForecastsFEWS-17008FEWS-16132 HERMES: FB95-TFS48635 Make the ST Planning study have a variable start time. It is now possible to set the time zero of a run by using a modifier, that can be picked up by a forecastLengthEstimator module. This new shiftDateTimeModifier reads the dateTime from a single dateTime location attribute. A default modifierTime can be configured in this modifier to automatically set the time to the desired hour at the current day, or at an offset of the current day. In addition, the value of the defined dateTime can be shown in a custom label in the forecast panel. The forecastLengthEstimator module reads the (modified) dateTime using a new option called setToModifiedDateTimeAttributeValueComplexType. If the value is not modified a default fallback value will be used, similar to configured in the ShiftDateTimeModifier. More info about the ShiftDateTimeModifier can be found here: Config Example: {color:#59afe1}<attributeModifiers> <shiftDateTimeModifier id="StartRun_STPlanning" name="StartRun_STPlanning"> <attributeId>startTime_ST</attributeId> <locationId>BPA</locationId> <defaultModifierTime> <offset unit="hour" multiplier="23"/> <timeStep id="daily00"/> </defaultModifierTime> <customLabel>startTime ST run is at:</customLabel> <editablePeriodTimeSeries> <moduleInstanceId>Publish_RT</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>GN_Sim</parameterId> <locationId>BPA</locationId> <timeSeriesType>simulated forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="hour"/> <relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-20" startOverrulable="false" end="240" endOverrulable="false"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </editablePeriodTimeSeries> <offsetValidTime unit="day"/> </shiftDateTimeModifier> </attributeModifiers>{color} More info about the custom label can be found here: Config Example: {color:#59afe1}<node id="Big10_RUN_Riverware_ST_Planning" name="Riverware (RBS) test"> <workflowId>Big10_RiverWare_ST_Planning</workflowId> <customInfoLabel> <labelText>Set Start ST to: @startTime_ST@</labelText> <locationId>BPA</locationId> <overrulingUnmodifiedDateTimeAttributeValue> <attributeId>startTime_ST</attributeId> <offset unit="hour" multiplier="23"/> <timeStep id="daily00"/> </overrulingUnmodifiedDateTimeAttributeValue> </customInfoLabel> </node>{color} Config example of the setToModifiedDateTimeAttributeValueComplexType: {color:#59afe1}<setToModifiedDateTimeAttributeValueComplexType> <attributeId>startTime_ST</attributeId> <locationId>BPA</locationId> <offset unit="day" multiplier="1"/> <timeStep id="daily00"/> </setToModifiedDateTimeAttributeValueComplexType> </forecastLengthEstimator>{color}
Plugin - GUI - IFD - ForecastsFEWS-20201FEWS-18050 FFFS: Forecast Tree Status is not correct when task is killed
Plugin - Gui - Schematic Status DisplayFEWS-20024FEWS-9556 IWP: & in "node name" gives exception onder Windows10 in query to MATROOSAdded a boolean field to importType noos_1dmapseries that allows to choose between node and node_id in query
Plugin - Gui - Schematic Status DisplayFEWS-16361Klikbare SSD-elementen, die van kleur veranderen en waardes manipuleren A new feature has been added to the SSD display (scada) that allows the user to click on an SSD element to step over the possible values in a variable which has been defined as enumerator. This feature can for example be used to control structures, ie. open & close sluice gates in a system.
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19448FEWS-17996 TVA: ability to display external forecasts when forecast time is in the future
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19394FEWS-17996 TVA: Improve TSD to integrate directly with Archive to display selected years of data (enhanced Historical Analysis display)
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19080FEWS-9563 FOEN: add configurable displaygroups feature to make scales identicaladd config option to displaygroups to make scales identicalThere is a new configuration <synchronizeParameterAxis> element in the DisplayGroups.xml. Configuring this option as true for a plot, will result in synchronized parameter axes for subplots displaying time series of the same parameterGroup. The range of the parameter axes will be identical for these subplots. DisplayGroups.xml: {code:xml} <plot id="my_plot"> <synchronizeParameterAxis>true</synchronizeParameterAxis> <subplot> ... </subplot> <subplot> ... </subplot> </plot> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-18439Save a set of filtered timeseries to a favorites list
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-17809FEWS-17996 TVA Hydrothermal: new TSD timeline plot (color-coded time x-axis; similar to raster hydrographs)New "horizontalColorCode" subPlotType, plot a horizontal colored bar for each time seriesA new <subPlotType> called "horizontalColorCode" was added. In a plot of this type, each time series is drawn as a horizontal bar. The color of the bar differs depending on the value of the time series. As part of this development, one can now also specify a <barMarginPercentage> for each subPlot in the DisplayGroups.xml separately, overruling the already present config option in the generalDisplayConfig of the TimeSeriesDisplayConfig.xml.{code:xml} <plot id="HorizontalColorCodePumps"> <description>testing the horizontal color code plots</description> <subplot> <subPlotType>horizontalColorCode</subPlotType> <barMarginPercentage>30</barMarginPercentage><!-- Optional config option to have whitespace between bars --> <classBreaksId>TOWER_CLASS_BREAKS</classBreaksId> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Preprocess_Units_HTMS</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>PO_BFN</parameterId> <locationId>BFN Tower 1</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 2</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 3</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 4</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 5</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 6</locationId> <locationId>BFN Tower 7</locationId> <timeSeriesType>simulated forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="hour" multiplier="1"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </subplot> </plot> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time Series, Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-18606FEWS-17996 TVA: area legends do not support "rectangle" markerStyleChanged legend item for an area to a filled rectangleWhen plotting an area (filled area between two time series) the legend item displayed a line. This has been changed to a filled rectangle to better represent the way the data is shown in the graph.
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-17891FEWS-17812 Create Dialog for on-the-fly expression series
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19439Possibility to display both time series and their legends in a consistent wayDisplayGroups – option drawingOrderInverted in subplotsThe subplot option ‘drawingOrderInverted’ can be used to invert drawing order of the lines. By default the lines are drawn in the same order as shown in the legend : the first line first, the last line last. The last line is then on top. If drawing order is inverted the last line in the legend is drawn first and the first line last. The first line is then on top.
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19360FEWS-18957 NWS: #22589 Rating Display: Flood Thresholds are vertical lines when displaying a discharge plotTimeSeriesDisplay config file: new option ‘thresholdType’ in ratingCurveDisplayConfigBy default rating curve display shows the same threshold type as in the (scalar) chart. For example, If the chart shows discharge thresholds, the rating display shows discharge thresholds too. To change the default behaviour, an option ‘thresholdType’ can be used. Use <thresholdType>stage</thresholdType> if always stage threshold should be visible, and use <thresholdType>discharge</thresholdType> if always discharge threshold should be visible. from TimeSeriesDisplay config file: {code} <ratingCurveDisplayConfig> <stageAxisOrientation>vertical</stageAxisOrientation> <thresholdType>stage</thresholdType> </ratingCurveDisplayConfig> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-18966FEWS-18957 NWS: #34815 Fix thumbnail locking feature to use <ensembleId> in addition to location/parameter
Plugin - Gui - Grid Display, Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-17737FEWS-17689 TVA Hydrothermal: Predefined longitudinal profiles from spatial display grids to create predefined vertical profile cross sections in TSD with time slider bar
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19470Make vertical station lines optional in longitudinal plotMake vertical station lines optional in longitudinal plot
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-19284FEWS-18957 NWS: #24897 Display time series in table, plot, or bothAdded new SubPlotComplexType config. option (default=true). If visibleInTable is set to false, the time series can be shown in the plot, but will never be visible in the table. _thumb_75024.png _thumb_75023.png
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-20438FEWS-20126 Add option in DisplayGroups.xml to set default visibility
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFEWS-21045DisplayGroups: add visibleInLegend, visibleInTable to all subplot elements
Plugin - Gui - Time Series ModifierFEWS-16035FEWS-17996 TVA. ability to configure or define which column field are visible in mod display summaryAdd ability for the user to influence the modifier table layoutThe modifier table shown in the modifiers panel already had a context-menu (right-click) option to add user defined description columns. This option has been changed to "Select Columns", to allow the user to show / hide the regular columns in addition to the user defined description columns. The column visibility and order is stored in the user settings. The columns can be reordered by dragging the column header to a different position.
Plugin - Gui - Time Series ModifierFEWS-16036FEWS-17996 TVA. Filter on multiple location or parameters in modifier display summary It is now possible to filter the modifiers by selected locations or parameters. The context menu in the modifiers panel now has a new option "filter by selected locations and/or parameters). After selecting this option a display will appear which shows the available locations and parameters. This display can be used to select the locations and parameters by which the modifiers should be filtered.
Plugin - Gui - Web Browser DisplayFEWS-20392FEWS-19373 Implement a whitelist of domains/urls that can be visited using web browser For the embedded web browser display, a domain whitelist has been implemented to restrict the domains from which content can be displayed in the internal web browser. When the user follows hyperlinks to sites that are not whitelisted the system default browser will be opened instead.
Plugin - Gui - Web Browser DisplayFEWS-20362FEWS-19373 Chromium embedded framework (JCEF) update warning
Plugin - Gui - Web Browser DisplayFEWS-20110FEWS-19650 Enable "display config" for Web Browser Display
Plugin - Gui - Web Browser DisplayFEWS-19386FEWS-19373 Backwards compatibility EWB Display with new JX/JCEF package
Plugin - Module - ArchiveFEWS-20151Java11 and Elastic: connection settings
Plugin - Module - ArchiveFEWS-20239Only reindex observed meta data
Plugin - Module - ArchiveFEWS-18128FEWS-17996 TVA: Config option to indicate archive export to occur at subworkflow instead of main workflow level
Plugin - Module - ArchiveFEWS-20745FEWS-20739 TVA: Ability to use startOverrulable and endOverrulable in relativePeriod in any export archive module
Plugin - Module - ArchiveFEWS-17621FEWS-18957 NWS: #38312 tempDir too small to use exportArchiveModule exportSnapShot {code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <exportArchiveModule xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns=""> <exportSnapShot> <general> <archiveFolder>$ARCHIVE_DIR$</archiveFolder> <tempFolder>$ARCHIVE_DIR$/../temp</tempFolder> </general> <activities> <exportSnapShot> <areaId>test</areaId> <filter id="only time series"> <xmlConfig enabled="false" name="Default xml config" synchLevel="11"/> <coldStates enabled="false" name="Default cold states" synchLevel="11"/> <moduleDataSets enabled="false" name="Default module data sets" synchLevel="11"/> <mapLayers enabled="false" name="Default map layers" synchLevel="11"/> <icons enabled="false" name="Default icons" synchLevel="11"/> <reportTemplates enabled="false" name="Default report templates" synchLevel="11"/> <reportImages enabled="false" name="Default report images" synchLevel="11"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Simulated" synchLevel="0" maxAge="1000" unit="week"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Telemetry" synchLevel="1" maxAge="1000" unit="week"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Manual" synchLevel="5" maxAge="1000" unit="week"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Astronomical and climatological" synchLevel="4" maxAge="1000" unit="week"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Small external forecast grids" synchLevel="6" maxAge="1000" unit="week"/> <continuousTimeSeries enabled="true" name="Large external forecast grids" synchLevel="16" maxAge="10000" unit="week"/> <warmStates enabled="false" name="Warm states" maxAge="10" unit="week"/> <logEntries enabled="false" name="Log Entries" maxAge="1" unit="week"/> <thresholdEvents enabled="false" name="Threshold Events" maxAge="1" unit="week"/> </filter> </exportSnapShot> </activities> </exportSnapShot> </exportArchiveModule> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ExportFEWS-18959FEWS-18957 NWS: #38123 Addition of displayValueResolution for better control over precision of PIXML and SHEF exportsAdd option to configure precision to export moduleA <precision> can now be configured in an export module config file in the <general> section. This <precision> can be used set the number of decimals in the exported values.{code:xml} <export> <general> <exportType>PI</exportType> ..... <exportMissingValueString>-999.999</exportMissingValueString> <precision>3</precision> </general> ... </export> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ExportFEWS-20232Add Geodatum to timeseries export configuration
Plugin - Module - Data ExportFEWS-18974FEWS-18957 NWS: #54049 Add <Part A> field to HecDss export
Plugin - Module - Archive, Plugin - Module - Data ExportFEWS-17916FEWS-16132 HERMES: Magic Button for Local Archive in 2018 build
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19357FEWS-18957 NWS: #46492 Expand the shef import capabilities to include .B and .BR data fields
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19335FEWS-19535 NOE: questions about handling BIL files in import module and GA moduleA new importer for BIL / BIP / BSQ format according to ESRI specifications
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19501Enable OAuth2 in existing WaterML2 import before 2017.02 {code} <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <parserClassName>nl.wldelft.waterml.timeseriesparsers.WaterMlServerParser</parserClassName> <binDir>%REGION_HOME%/Modules/bin/waterml-bin</binDir> <serverUrl></serverUrl> <user>**** user id ****</user> <password>**** user secret ****</password> <relativeViewPeriod start="-96" startOverrulable="true" end="0" unit="hour"/> <idMapId>IdImportWML_h</idMapId> <unitConversionsId>ImportUnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <missingValue>-999.0</missingValue> <importTimeZone> <timeZoneOffset>+00:00</timeZoneOffset> </importTimeZone> <dataFeedId>ImportWML</dataFeedId> </general> <properties> <string key="requestTemplate" value="datasource=4&amp;format=wml2&amp;from=@starttime@&amp;request=getTimeseriesValues&amp;service=kisters&amp;ts_id=@locationid@&amp;type=queryServices" /> <string key="RequestsOutputDirectory" value="%REGION_HOME%/debug/" /> <int key="ReadTimeoutMillis" value="100000"/> <int key="ConnectionTimeoutMillis" value="10000"/> <string key="authUrl" value="" /> <string key="issuer" value="http://localhost:8080/KiWebPortal/auth" /> </properties> {code} Configuration 2017.02 and later {code} <general> <importTypeStandard>wml2_server</importTypeStandard> <serverUrl></serverUrl> <user>**** user id ******</user> <password>**** user pw ******</password> <oauth2Config> <authUrl></authUrl> <issuer>http://localhost:8080/KiWebPortal/auth</issuer> </oauth2Config> <relativeViewPeriod start="-96" startOverrulable="true" end="0" unit="hour"/> <idMapId>IdImportWML_h</idMapId> <unitConversionsId>ImportUnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <missingValue>-999.0</missingValue> <importTimeZone> <timeZoneOffset>+00:00</timeZoneOffset> </importTimeZone> <dataFeedId>ImportWML</dataFeedId> </general> <properties> <string key="requestTemplate" value="datasource=4&amp;format=wml2&amp;from=@starttime@&amp;request=getTimeseriesValues&amp;service=kisters&amp;ts_id=@locationid@&amp;type=queryServices" /> <string key="RequestsOutputDirectory" value="%REGION_HOME%/debug/" /> <int key="ReadTimeoutMillis" value="100000"/> <int key="ConnectionTimeoutMillis" value="10000"/> </properties> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-20327FEWS-18236 Improve WIWB import with check on availability before requesting data
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19254FEWS-18236 Add extent argument to WIWB grid imports
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-18533FEWS-18236 Only request data that is not imported in FEWS yet.
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-18914FEWS-18236 Validate on invalid aggregation periods
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-17772FEWS-17944 Request to overwrite existing sample with new location
Plugin - GUI - Sample Viewer, Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-17770FEWS-17944 Request to overwrite existing sample with new time
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-17014FEWS-Accelerator: Import GPM-iMerge satellite dataImport GMP-iMerge satellite data addedExtended the NetCDF gridded dataset import so it can read the GMP-iMerge satellite data{code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <importType>NetcdfGridDataset</importType> <folder>$IMPORT_FOLDER$/imerg</folder> <fileNameDateTimeFilter subFolderLevel="0"> <!--201412--> <timeStep unit="month"/> <dateTimePattern>yyyyMM</dateTimePattern> <preFixLength>0</preFixLength> <postFixLength>0</postFixLength> </fileNameDateTimeFilter> <fileNameDateTimeFilter subFolderLevel="1"> <!--3B-HHR-E.MS.MRG.3IMERG.20141231-S173000-E175959.1050.V04A.RT-H5--> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <dateTimePattern>yyyyMMdd'-S'HHmmss</dateTimePattern> <preFixLength>23</preFixLength> <postFixLength>24</postFixLength> </fileNameDateTimeFilter> <failedFolder>$IMPORT_FAILED_FOLDER$</failedFolder> <backupFolder>$IMPORT_BACKUP_FOLDER$/imerg</backupFolder> <idMapId>IdImportGPM</idMapId> <unitConversionsId>ImportUnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <importTimeZone> <timeZoneOffset>+00:00</timeZoneOffset> </importTimeZone> <dataFeedId>GPM_IMERG</dataFeedId> </general> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Import_GPM</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>P.obs</parameterId> <locationId>IMERG_world</locationId> <timeSeriesType>temporary</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <externUnit parameterId="P.obs" unit="mm/hr"/> </import> </timeSeriesImportRun> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19668Import of RAW binary data<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <importType>EARS_Satellite_Rainfall_Estimate</importType> <folder>$IMPORT_FOLDER$\SATH</folder> <fileNameObservationDateTimePattern>'NI_'yyyyMMdd'.prc'</fileNameObservationDateTimePattern> <unitConversionsId>ImportUnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <importTimeZone> <timeZoneOffset>+00:00</timeZoneOffset> </importTimeZone> <geoDatum>WGS 1984</geoDatum> <dataFeedId>SATH_AFRICA</dataFeedId> </general> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportSATH</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>P</parameterId> <locationId>SATH_AFRICA</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="day"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> <expiryTime unit="day" multiplier="400"/> </timeSeriesSet> <externUnit unit="0.1mm" parameterId="P"/> </import> </timeSeriesImportRun>
Plugin - Module - Data Import, Plugin - Module - TransformationFEWS-19045RWsOS Waterbeheer: process to sort and select a subset of ensemblemembers and process to do following transformations with said subsetNew transformation type <generationEnsemble> <selectRankedMembers>This transformation first selects ensemble member Id’s , using the time series configured with element ‘rankingVariable’. ‘rankingVariable’ should be an essemble timeseries and each member should have only one value. For example, the value can be a result of the statistical analysis of the ensemble member. Transformation <selectRankedMembers> sorts (asc or desc) the ‘rankingVariable’ ensemble members according to this value . Then , if for example 2 is configured with <numberOfMembers>, first two ensemble member Id’s are selected. The selected member Id’s are used to copy the associated members from the input time series to the output ensemble time series. The resulting time series contains only the selected ensemble member Id’s.{code:xml} <transformation id="selectMembers"> <generationEnsemble> <selectRankedMembers> <selectVariable> <rankingVariable> <variableId>Pmean</variableId> </rankingVariable> <sortAscending>true</sortAscending> <numberOfMembers>2</numberOfMembers> </selectVariable> <inputOutput> <inputVariable> <variableId>Hm</variableId> </inputVariable> <outputVariable> <variableId>Hsim</variableId> </outputVariable> </inputOutput> <inputOutput> <inputVariable> <variableId>Qm</variableId> </inputVariable> <outputVariable> <variableId>Qsim</variableId> </outputVariable> </inputOutput> <inputOutput> <inputVariable> <variableId>Tm</variableId> </inputVariable> <outputVariable> <variableId>Tsim</variableId> </outputVariable> </inputOutput> </selectRankedMembers> </generationEnsemble> </transformation> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-18996New import for SMN ETA based on previous UruguaySMNETAEtaSmn Import typeEtaSmn imports gridded time series from asci file format. File example : {code} lon lat p01 p02 p03 p04 p05 p06 -56.9874 -28.0166 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 -56.9250 -28.0166 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 -56.8625 -28.0166 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 {code} The forecast time is read from the file name. The file name should comply with the following file name pattern: ??????????yyyyMMddHH????, for example Datos_WRF_2018062000.txt. Event times are stored in the column headers p01, p02,... where the numbers correspond to the hours. The dates/times are always in GMT. This reader needs a geometry configured in the region config
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-18964FEWS-18957 NWS: #36265 Expand supported variables in NetCDF timeseries importsImport type NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES recognizes variable name ‘feature_id’ as variable that stores station Id’sImport type NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES recognizes variable name ‘feature_id’ as variable that stores station Id’s. The variable ‘feature_id’ don’t necessarily need to have an attribute cf_role = "timeseries_id"
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-20339Matroos import: add an import type for get_netcdf.phpNew import type MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_GRID and MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIESMATROOS_NETCDF-CF_GRID and MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES first download the nc file from Matroos and then read the downloaded files. To read the downloaded file, MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_GRID uses imported type NETCDF-CF_GRID and MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES uses import type NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES Both import types support the following Matroos query: The query fields ‘database’ and ‘source’ are mandatory, ‘analysis’, ‘timezone’ and 'hindcast' are optional. The values for the query fields should be configured in the <properties> section of the import module. The downloaded nc file is automatically deleted after import. If you want to keep it, add key ’keep_downloaded_file’ to the <properties> section This example uses mandatory fields only: {code:xml} <general> <importType>MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_GRID</importType> <serverUrl></serverUrl> <idMapId>IdMapGrid</idMapId> </general> <properties> <string key="database" value="maps2d"/> <string key="source" value="nhi30_maps_ecmwf_det"/> </properties> {code} This example uses mandatory and optional fields: {code:xml} <general> <importType>MATROOS_NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES</importType> <serverUrl></serverUrl> <idMapId>IdMapScalarNc</idMapId> </general> <properties> <string key="database" value="maps1d"/> <string key="source" value="fews_meren_eps_ijsselmeer"/> <string key="analysis" value="201901010000"/> <string key="timezone" value="GMT+1"/> <string key="hindcast" value="1"/> <bool key="keep_downloaded_file" value="true"/> </properties> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19157New Import type: NEA real-time measurements from importer for Singapore real-time weather data from NEA (National Environmental Agency)
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19625LocationsIdsHeaderCsv: skip last column when empty while importing CSV file
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-20352Improve CMEMS import with properties
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19601Extend get_maps1d_series with ensemble retrievalExtended get_maps1d_series parser with ensemble retrieval, to be configured in properties
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19505Environment Canada xml parsercreated Environment Canada xml parser
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19353FEWS-18957 NWS: #46281 Enhance the ImportDataCard module to allow for preceding 0 in date columnEnhance the ImportDataCard module to allow for preceding 0 in date column
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19561Parser Port of Rotterdam service
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19612parser KIWIS webserviceparser KIWIS webservice
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-19433Improve authentication for import AKVO (API)AkvoImport now supports AkvoFlow api v2AkvoImport now supports AkvoFlow api v2.
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS-17164FEWS-17145 Import Module: CMEMS ocean model data (forecast - 2D)
Plugin - Module - Error CorrectionFEWS-18483FEWS-18050 FFFS: Allow use of attributes in Error module parameters{code:xml} <autoOrderMethod> <orderSelection>@ORDER_SELECTION@</orderSelection> <parameters> <parameter type="ar" order="1">@AR_1@</parameter> <parameter type="ar" order="2">@AR_2@</parameter> <parameter type="ar" order="3">@AR_3@</parameter> <parameter type="ma" order="1">@MA_1@</parameter> <parameter type="ma" order="2">@MA_2@</parameter> </parameters> <subtractMean>@SUBTRACT_MEAN@</subtractMean> <boxcoxTransformation>@BOXCOX@</boxcoxTransformation> <lambda>@LAMBDA@</lambda> <observedTimeSeriesId>H.obs</observedTimeSeriesId> <simulatedTimeSeriesId>H.sim</simulatedTimeSeriesId> <outputTimeSeriesId>H.updated</outputTimeSeriesId> </autoOrderMethod> {code}
Plugin - Module - General AdapterFEWS-19605Adding checkMissing to exportnetcdfactivity
Plugin - Module - General AdapterFEWS-19393FEWS-17996 TVA: add new config option to GA to ignore missing shapefiles in importShapeFileActivityAdded check, if import shapefiles folder is empty, there is no exception thrown.
Plugin - Module - Interpolation, Plugin - Module - LookupFEWS-194163D dataset lookup and interpolation module3D dataset lookup and interpolation module
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (ModuleParameters)FEWS-19554FEWS-13318 HyFS: Option to select all in modifier display
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (ModuleParameters)FEWS-18968FEWS-18957 NWS: #23360 SACCO climatology enhancements
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (ModuleParameters)FEWS-18962FEWS-18957 NWS: #36283 Enhancement request to have ability to limit locationAttributeModifiers (ADJUSTQ) to the active segmentTopology option attributeModifierLocationConstraint to limit locationAttributeModifiersBy default all locations from a workflow or display tied to a segment will become available in locationAttributeModifiers . To limit the locations, the option <attributeModifierLocationConstraint> can be used. example from Topology.xml: {code:xml} <nodes id="Portneuf - RHFS"> <nodes id="Portneuf" name="Portneuf"> <showModifiers>true</showModifiers> <workflowId>PORTNEUF_Forecast</workflowId> <node id="MCCI_Forecast_Local" name="MCCI - Marsh Creek NR Mccammon"> <locationId>MCCI</locationId> <locationId>MCCI_lo</locationId> <workflowId>MCCI_Forecast</workflowId> </node> <node id="TOPI_Forecast_Local" name="TOPI - Portneuf River at Topaz"> <locationId>TOPI</locationId> <locationId>TOPI_lo</locationId> <workflowId>TOPI_Forecast</workflowId> </node> <node id="PIHI_Forecast_Local" name="PIHI - Portneuf River at Pocatello"> <previousNodeId>MCCI_Forecast_Local</previousNodeId> <previousNodeId>TOPI_Forecast_Local</previousNodeId> <locationId>PIHI</locationId> <locationId>PIHI_lo</locationId> <workflowId>PIHI_Forecast</workflowId> <attributeModifierLocationConstraint> <idContains contains="PIHI"/> </attributeModifierLocationConstraint> </node> <node id="PORTNEUF_ConsUse_Forecast_Local" name="PORTNEUF_ConsUse"/> <mapExtentId>PORTNEUF</mapExtentId> <filterId>Streamflow</filterId> <graceTime unit="hour" multiplier="12"/> </nodes> </nodes> {code}
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (TimeSeries), System - PI ServiceFEWS-20250FEWS-16132 FB 147 Delete All Mods Flag added to PI Service Mods Import The putModifiers method of the rest and soap webservice (tomcat and embedded) now have a additional parameter. This parameter (deleteAllModifiers) can be used to delete all existing modifiers prior to inserting a new modifier.
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (TimeSeries)FEWS-19361FEWS-18957 NWS: #23420 Make it easier to tell if the SWITCHTS mod is going to apply to upper zone, lower zone, or both It is now possible to reverse the order of the merge by creating location attribute modifiers. More information can be found here:<transformation id="MAP"> <merge> <simple> <inputVariable> <variableId>ADAM4_MAP_6</variableId> </inputVariable> <inputVariable> <variableId>ADAM4_MAPX_6</variableId> </inputVariable> <reverseOrderAttributeId>attributeId</reverseOrderAttributeId> <outputVariable> <variableId>ADAM4_MAP_6_MAP</variableId> </outputVariable> </simple> </merge> </transformation>
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (ModuleParameters), Plugin - Module - Modifiers (TimeSeries)FEWS-17738FEWS-17689 TVA Hydrothermal: add ability to copy a selection of modifiers to similar set of mods with different module instances A new option is added to facilitate copying time series modifiers. The difference between the regular copy-functionality is that the time series modifiers are copied to a similar modifier but that only the module instance id is changed. The new option is available after selecting 1 or more time series modifiers and pressing the right mouse button. The menu which appears will have a option copy selected time series modifiers to another module instance id. If the copyModifiers option is not configured then the new menu option will not be available.{code:xml} <copyModifiers> <timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <pattern>_0</pattern> <patternDescription>Scenario 0</patternDescription> </timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <pattern>_1</pattern> <patternDescription>Scenario 1</patternDescription> </timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <pattern>_2</pattern> <patternDescription>Scenario 2</patternDescription> </timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <timeSeriesModifiersPattern> <pattern>_3</pattern> <patternDescription>Scenario 3</patternDescription> </timeSeriesModifiersPattern> </copyModifiers> {code}
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-19342FEWS-13888 HyFS: Generation of 2 new report xml tables with threshold information
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-16384FEWS-18957 NWS: #24940 Report exports in ESRI shapefile format
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-19742FEWS-13888 HyFS: add additional name to the floodScenarioXml report element
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-16455FEWS-18957 NWS: #24854 Dual axis charts not supported for PI rating curves in reports
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-19606Report schematicStatusDisplayPanelSnapshots*: add prefix/suffix with runtime / T0Report schematicStatusDisplayPanelSnapshots*: add prefix/suffix with runtime / T0
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-19276ThresholdWarningLevels: No data --> No warningsThresholdWarningLevels: No data --> No warnings
Plugin - Module - ReportsFEWS-20455FEWS-13888 HyFS: Generation of one new XML report
Plugin - Module - ThresholdsFEWS-19671FEWS-13888 HyFS: Thresholds must work with different relative view periods
Plugin - Module - TransformationFEWS-21125merge->selectDataSource only works for scalar time series, but not for grid time series
Plugin - Module - TransformationFEWS-19285FEWS-18957 NWS: #45716 Estimation with Spatial InterpolationAdded option to exclude the point of origin in the inverse-distance spatial interpolation transformation
SystemFEWS-20091Create Delft-FEWS Client Installer (LINUX)
SystemFEWS-20090Create Delft-FEWS Client Installer (Windows)
SystemFEWS-20153Create script to start and stop MAINTENANCE mode2018.02 data_update scripts require maintenancemode. Therefore setmaintenancemode scripts have been made available.
SystemFEWS-16779FEWS-18477 Orchestrator - Automated software bundle formation and non-interactive deployment (A.2)
Database, SystemFEWS-17668FEWS-18451 Fews Database Https Proxy (VJDBC for secure remote access)
SystemFEWS-16774FEWS-19332 AI: REST API - Non-interactive deployment of compute nodes (A.1)
SystemFEWS-16775FEWS-19332 AI: REST API - Public cloud compatibility (A.1)
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19199FEWS-17996 TVA FB 212 Cannot Retrieve Simulated Historical data from the REST webservice that is in the archive
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19947FEWS-19924 WMS Service: Support Contour lines
System - PI ServiceFEWS-21074FEWS-19650 FFFS-PI: WMS kijkt maar 2 folders diep in de spatial display config
System - PI ServiceFEWS-20423FEWS web services: use of context files for redirecting to specific filters
System - PI ServiceFEWS-20470FEWS-19650 FEWS Web Services should be readonly by default
System - PI ServiceFEWS-20350FEWS-19650 Fews Web Services global properties not working with new client config files
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19855Read-only support for FEWS webservices
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19052FEWS-16626 WMS – FEWS WMS Web Service api documentationWMS API has been documentedWMS API documentation can be found at:
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19050FEWS-16626 WMS – FEWS WMS Web Service GetMapWMS GetMap request is supportedWMS GetMap request is supported
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19051FEWS-16626 WMS – FEWS WMS Web Service GetLegendGraphiclegends supported in WMSlegends supported in WMS
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19043FEWS-16626 WMS – FEWS WMS Web Service GetCapabilities should server all configured layers in the grid display with their time dimensionsGetCapabilities has support for time dimensionGetCapabilities has support for time dimension
System - PI ServiceFEWS-19042FEWS-16626 WMS – FEWS should generate png based on bounding boxExtent is supported in WMS ServiceExtent is supported in WMS Service
System - PI ServiceFEWS-16625FEWS-18472 New: Retrieve gridded data
System - PI ServiceFEWS-16621FEWS-18470 Improve stability: Handling non-equidistant dataPI REST service now uses time series chunking to improve stabilityPI REST service now uses time series chunking to improve stability. This will prevent out of memory issues when querying a lot of time series.
System - SessionFEWS-19244automatically refresh FEWS SA client when new localDataStore is provided (snapshot from other SA system)Updating SA localDataStore when a new one is provided by ‘master’ SAThis feature makes possible to update SA localDataStore (in Client SA) with a new one that has been exported by an another SA (Master SA) This feature supports only firebird database. Master SA exports local.fdb using exportArchiveModule, for example: {code:xml} <exportSnapShot> <general> <archiveFolder>c:/localDataStoreSnapshot</archiveFolder> <zipExportedSnapShot>false</zipExportedSnapShot> <singularExport/> </general> <activities> <exportSnapShot> <areaId>NL</areaId> </exportSnapShot> </activities> </exportSnapShot> {code} The option <singularExport/> should be used to overwrite local.fdb every time the exportArchiveModule is run. Also the option zipExportedSnapShot should be set to false, otherwise Client SA will not update. Client SA should have option localDataStoreSnapshotDownload in the Explorer.xml , for example: {code:xml} <localDataStoreSnapshotDownload> <file>c:/localDataStoreSnapshot/local.fdb</file> <downloadEnabled>true</downloadEnabled> </localDataStoreSnapshotDownload> {code} Path configured in <file> should be the same as path configured in <archiveFolder> of exportArchiveModule. When localDataStoreSnapshotDownload configured, then an item ‘Load latest localDataStore snapshot’ appears in menu File. Using this menu item a new localDataStore can be ingested. To make the users aware of the new localDataStore snapshot, there is a field “LDS” in the explorer status bar. This field is green if the localDataStore is up to date, or red if a new localDataStore snapshot is available . Also a notification appears when the Client SA is started and a new localDataStore snapshot is available: “New localDataStore is available in ….. Do you want to update the current localDataStore ?" To keep the Client and Master configs the same, localDataStoreSnapshotDownload can be configured also in Master SA, with downloadEnabled = false.
FEWS-20559FEWS-17996 Allow status MC-MC synchronization while in false failover
FEWS-20571Microsoft install scripts for Hermes for 2018.02
FEWS-21191Create Unit test for 21186
FEWS-21177Investigate what would be necessary to make expressions work with comma decimal separator ','
FEWS-21190FEWS-20984 FEWS-ONS:Import CPTEC ETA data
FEWS-21188FEWS-20984 FEWS-ONS: Import Synoptic Data
FEWS-20679FEWS-19650 NGINX proroxy and 413 Request Entity Too Large for uploading basebuild to admin interface

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