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The screen displays a table of scheduled task information.

The details of the contents of the table are given below: 



Workflow Id

An identifier for the associated Workflow.


Depending on the task status (see above), a number of actions can be performed on the task.

  • Details: Display the Task Details Screen
  • Edit: Display the Schedule New Task Screen, to edit the current task
  • Suspend: The task is paused; it is not dispatched at its scheduled time.
  • Resume: A suspended task is re-activated. It will now be dispatched at its scheduled time
  • Cancel : The task will not be dispatched. The task will be removed from the list as part of the rolling barrel
  • Task Runs: Displays the Task Runs Sceen. This displays all the previous runs of this particular workflow

What-if Scenario

An identifier for the associated What-if Scenario


An identifier used for Event/Action mappings (see: Setting Up Event-Action Configuration

Remote MC ID



Tasks can have priority High or Normal.
High priority tasks are dispatched in precedence over Normal priority tasks.


The time interval at which the scheduled task runs

Next due time

The next time the task was scheduled for (for repeating tasks).
The time the task is scheduled for (non-repeating tasks).

Task Status

Task Status:
-           Pending (green)
The task is operational and is awaiting dispatch. This task can be Suspended or Cancelled
-           Suspended (yellow)
The task has been paused. It will not be dispatched when its scheduled dispatch time is reached. This task can be Resumed or cancelled.
-           Finished (red)
The task has been dispatched and completed its execution.


An identifier for the Task. Only visible as tooltip of the WorkflowId


Text description associated with the task. Only visible as tooltip of the WorkflowId

The Scheduled task list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.


Refreshes the current table with the latest scheduled tasks status

Hide/Show one-off tasks

Toggle to display or hide one-off tasks from the table


Schedule a new task


Suspend all running and pending tasks that have been selected with the checkbox.


Resume all suspended tasks that have been selected with the checkbox.


Cancel all tasks that have been selected with the checkbox.


Upon clicking this link you will download an XML file with all the tasks that are currently scheduled on this MC (All pending and suspended tasks). The file will conform to the taskList.xsd schema (also used by the Upload Task(s) from File).


Upload a XML file with all the tasks that should be scheduled on this MC. The file has to conform to the taskList.xsd schema and all workflowIds should exist.

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