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Registers the available gui-display plugins to the system

schema location

Display descriptors and Display instance descriptors are obsolete since version 2013.02. You can remove them both from your configuration. Explorer.xml can be optimized by replacing the java class names by config file references but this is not strictly necessary.


Only expert users should attempt to make changes in this configuration. Errors could implement the functionality of the complete system.

The display descriptors file is used to register display plug-ins that can be called from the DELFT-FEWS GUI. The display descriptors define the name of the display and the associated Java class to call. This class must implement the display plug-in interface for it to work within DELFT-FEWS. All displays that are included in the distribution of DELFT-FEWS are registered in the Display Descriptors. When available on the file system, the name of the XML file is for example:

DisplayDescriptors 1.00 default.xml

DisplayDescriptors                       Fixed file name for the display descriptors configuration

1.00                                            Version number

default                                       Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 22 Elements in the DisplayDescriptors configuration


Root element of the display descriptor configuration. One entry is required for each display defined.


  • Id: Id or Name of the display

Optional description of the display. This is used for reference only.


Java class called when running the display as referenced by its Id. NOTE; this class must implement the DELFT-FEWS display plug-in interface.

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