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There are a number of configuration aspects which must be considered when moving from a stand alone environment (i.e. workflows are executed on your local PC) to a live system (i.e. workflows are executed on a forecasting shell machine).

Please ensure that these steps are followed to avoid problems in a live system environment

1. Synch levels

The synch levels determine how data is synchronised between the components of the live system. Please check all timeseries sets are assigned a synch level. Note that when the synchlevel is omitted, it defaults to 0, so only for scalar forecasting timeseries the synchlevel can optionally be left out.

The different synch levels which should be assigned to time series sets are described here section A.5.

2. Maintainance workflows

There are a number of maintenance tasks which should be scheduled on the live system through the admin interface (this is described in detail here. These include the rolling barrel workflow for the forecasting shell machine.

This workflow should be created which include two "dummy" module instances:

<workflow xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.1">
	<!--Rolling barrel workflow-->
	<!--Delete records pending deletion-->

These modules do not need require configuration in the modules directory but they should be registered in the ModuleInstanceDescriptors file i.e.

        <moduleInstanceDescriptor id="RollingBarrel">
		<description>Ensures the forecasting shell performs the rolling barrel on exit</description>
	<moduleInstanceDescriptor id="MarkedRecordManager">
		<description>Records pending deletion</description>

These modules should also be included in the modules file (systemConfigFiles) where the link is made to the appropriate class:

	<moduleDescriptor id="RollingBarrel">
		<description>Export Reports from Local Datastore</description>
	<moduleDescriptor id="MarkedRecordManager">
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