Module Datasets

Module datasets are defined to be exported to a module directory prior running of the module. The module datasets is identified by the ModuleInstanceId of the General Adapter configuration in which it is to be used.

The module datasets is not an XML file, but a ZIP file containing all native module data. This is exported by the General Adapter to a directory specified in the General Adapter configuration (see Module Instance configuration section).If the external module requires a directory structure, then this information should be contained in the ZIP file, relative to the directory specified as export directory.

When available on the file system, the name of the ZIP file for configuring a module dataset for example for the ISIS model of the Eden used in the Eden_Historical General Adapter module:

Eden_Historical 1.00


Fixed file name for the Eden_Historical module dataset.


Version number


Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Note: for Linux, executable files that are part of a module dataset may require extra attention as these need to be marked as executable but the zip file format does not facilitate this. When exporting module datasets FEWS will attempt to mark files without an extension as well as files with the extensions .exe, .sh, .pl, .hydra and .ix as executable. There is no fixed list of executable file extensions for Linux so module datasets containing executable files using different extensions may require extra attention, for example an extra shell script that marks relevant files as executable (using chmod) before running the module.

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