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Delft-FEWS allows module datasets to be defined for external forecasting modules. These datasets can then be managed through the configuration management of Delft-FEWS. This also allows multiple versions of module datasets to be defined (e.g. with adapted module structure or module parameters). When constructing what-if scenarios, an alternative version to the default can be selected to explore the impact this has on the results of forecasting modules.

Definition of datasets and parameters is not a requirement for the use of external forecasting modules. Module datasets and module parameters are only used in Delft-FEWS by the General Adapter module. Both can only be exported to the external module. Import of module datasets and parameters is not possible.

Two methods are available for managing module datasets and parameters:

  • moduleDatasSets; in the ModuleInstanceDataSets table in the database of the configuration or in the ModuleDataSets directory.
  • moduleParameters in the ModuleParameters table in the database of the configuration, or in the ModuleParameters directory.
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