Since release 2007.02  the Longitudinal Profile Display discussed below is not supported anymore. Time Series/Data display can be used to show the longitudinal profiles 04 Data Display and Data Editor

The longitudinal display is used in DELFT-FEWS for viewing longitudinal (vector) time series. These time series can be dynamically animated against.

The Id of the longitudinal display is identified in the DisplayInstanceDescriptors. When available on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring the LongitudinalDisplay with an Id of e.g. LongitudinalDisplay is for example:

LongitudinalDisplay 1.00 default.xml


File name for the LongitudinalDisplay configuration


Version number


Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 147 Example of a configuration of the Longitudinal Display

Figure 148 Root elements of the LongitudinalDisplay configuration


Root element for each displayGroup. A display group forms one of the main nodes in the tree view and may contain multiple displays. Multiple display groups may be defined.


  • name : name of the display group (used in the tree view)

Optional description of the configuration. Used for reference purposed only.


Root element for the configuration of a display within a group. Multiple displays may be defined in each group.


  • name : name of the display (used in the tree view)
  • showMinSeries : Boolean option to indicate if minimum of time series (in current relative view period) is to be plotted in display for reference.
  • showMaxSeries : Boolean option to indicate if maximum of time series (in current relative view period) is to be plotted in display for reference.

Figure 149 Elements of the display element of the LongitudinalProfile configuration


Optional description of the display. Used for reference purposed only


Time series set to be displayed. This should be a longitudinal time series. The location Id of the time series set must refer to a Branch definition to allow an x-axis to be defined (see Regional configuration).


Unit to display the xaxis in. Enumeration of "m" and "km".


Thresholds may be plotted in the display for identified branch points. If this item is included, then a list of thresholds to be displayed can be configured.


Identifier for threshold to be plotted. Attribute is the threshold id, which is a reference to a thresholdValueSet defined in the ThreholdValueSets (see Region configuration).


Label in the branch (See branch definition in Region configuration) where the thresholds are to be plotted.

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