The system configuration items form a primary part of the configuration of Delft-FEWS as a system. It includes the definitions of the functional elements that are in Delft-FEWS (both GUI plug-ins and Module plug-ins). The layout of the main GUI (the Delft-FEWS Explorer) and the layout of the Time Series Display are also defined in this section.

The system configuration items include:

  • Explorer configuration of the FEWS Explorer (the main GUI)
  • TimeSeriesDisplayConfig Configuration of the time series display.
  • DisplayGroups Configuration of the shortcuts to display templates available in the time series display.
  • LocationIcons Definition of the icons used in the FEWS Explorer layout for locations.
  • Permissions Configuration of permissions that can be set for tasks and windows in Delft-FEWS.
  • Archives Configuration of the Delft-FEWS archive for the seamless integration

For each of the configuration items listed above only one configuration is active (or default) at any one time. Each item is defined in an XML file with a unique name.

Many of the configuration items required will include references to strings. To avoid duplication, a tag can be defined in the file in the root configuration and the tag name used in the XML file.
To use a tag, add this in the file.
To reference a tag include the string $TAG_NAME$, where TAG_NAME is the tag to be used.