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Defines which icon to show for a location

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Configuration of location icons can be used to help identify the different types of locations on the map display. This is an optional configuration item. If it is not available then the default location icon will be used to all locations. When available on the file system, the name of the XML file is LocationIcons.xml

Figure 20 Elements in the LocationIcons configuration


This is the directory where the icons referred to are stored. By convention this directory is the <REGION>\Icons directory. The directory can be given relative to the <REGION> directory. If the convention is followed then only "Icons" needs to be entered.


Root element of a location icon definition. Multiple entries may be defined.


Description of the group of locations for which an icon is defined (for reference in the configuration only).


ID of the icon to be used in the display for this group of locations. This id is the same as the name of the icon file, without the ".gif" file extension.

Threshold crossing icon

The shown location icon is not what you configured here? perhaps the location is part of a ThresholdValueSet. When a threshold is crossed, the location icon as configured in this module will be shown instead of the configured icon in LocationIcons


The locationId is a reference to the location for which icon is used. Either one or more locationId's may be defined, or a single locationSetId.

Default Icons

During the 2021.02 release a new default set of icons were introduced. As of 2021.02 svg icons are supported by Delft-FEWS. 

This new set of icons follows a color scheme which improves visibillity for people with a color vision deficiency and allows for better visibillity of thresholds.

This set of default icons, configuration files and OSM background maps are available for download with the link below:



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