Task Run Dialog display

Since release 2023.01  the Task Run Dialog  discussed below is  not supported anymore. 

The Task Run Dialog display is a display plug-in that allows the user to run external tasks and modify data of whatif-scenarios before running the task. For example it can used to upload and download archives from an archive server. or to run a forecast while at the same time storing a value in a timeseries that can be used by the forecast.

The Id of the task run dialog display is identified in the DisplayInstanceDescriptors. When available on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring the display with an Id of e.g. task run dialogue display is for example:

Archive_display 1.00 default.xml


File name as specified in the display instance descriptors


Version number


Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 1: Root elements of the task run dialog overview display configuration.

flow chart

Add a flow chart to the display

simple task

operator task

archive task

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