The KFlows display is a user specific display developed for the Environment Agency Reading Office.

The KFlows module is available in 2 Delft-FEWS classes:

  • nl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.objectiveanalyzer.ObjectiveAnalyzerDisplay (depricated since 2021.01, do not use anymore)
  • nl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.kflows.KFlows (new since 2018.02)

FEWS Explorer Task

The KFlows display can be added to the FEWs Explorer.xml file as a explorer task.

PanelSize configuration example
<explorerTask name="KFlows">
	<accelerator>ctrl K</accelerator>

KFlows Display Configuration File

The KFlows display configuration file contains multiple elements with sub-elements. Example is provided below.

  • General: general section with name of display and time series perdiod to use
  • Site: one or multiple sites that can be analysed
  • MeansTable: special table that calculates the mean flows
  • TargetVariable: target flow that can be entered in the display
  • LowerTargetLimitVariable: lower target value that can be entered in the display
  • UpperTargetLimitVariable: upper target value that can be entered in the display
  • variable: list of variables that are used in the KFlows and Means tabs of the display

Example config file attached.

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