Rating curves are used to convert a stage to a discharge and vice versa in transformation module

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RatingCurves.xml is a standard file (i.e. it has a fixed name)  which contains all the rating curves used in your system.  The rating curves can be used in transformation module to convert a stage to a discharge and vice versa.

A rating curve is referenced by the location id, i.e. each location has a specific rating curve for that point in the river. 

A rating curve has a valid period specified with a start date and optionally  with an end date.

It is  possible to have different rating curves with the same location id  and different valid periods . The valid periods can  overlap.  A rating curve is  valid until the next rating curve with the next start date becomes valid.

When the transformation module needs to use a rating curve for a given location  at a given system time, it will use the rating curve that has the system time  in its valid period.


Rating curve configuration details and examples can be found in the paragraph 25 PI-rating curve


In addition to use in the TransformationModule, rating curves can be visualized, modified , exported and imported.

An overview of features associated with rating curves  is provided below.

Obsolete rating curves

If a configuration still has obsolete rating curves (19 Rating curves (Obsolete since 2009) - EOL)  , these rating curves can be used only in  transformation module  and do not support features as described above.

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