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To collect system log files of the FEWS components, the download button can be used. It can take some time before the download is completed. The download will result in a zip file containing al log files.



On pressing the download button, you will, after a while, be presented with your browser's download pop-up to save or open a zip file.
This zip will contain:

  • A directory with the contents of the Admin Interface Tomcat logs: AdminInterfaceTomcatLogs. These are log files that are written by the Tomcat server.
  • For every master controller a directory named with the master controller id. Inside this directory the following subdirectories can be found:
    • MCLogCollector: the log file of the Log Collector itself.
    • fss:  contains log files for all reachable forecasting shell servers grouped by fss group.
    • ai: contains the log file of the admin interface for which the collected logs were requested. Only for the current MC.
    • ws: For each webservice connected to the MC a taskrunid folder is created with the collected log files for the Web Service.
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