Release Remark: Rolling Barrel adjusted

A number of client have reported a slow MC RollingBarrel. This issue can be resolved by adding indexes using the 2017.01 fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.sql script provided in MC build #71105. See


  1. Make sure you are logged on as the oracle database owner account (usually 'oracle').
  2. Check that the environment variable ORACLE_SID points to the correct database instance.
  3. Connect as sysdba:
           connect / as sysdba
  4. Run the data_update.sql script. This takes one argument, the application username or schema name the FEWS database is running under, e.g.
           @fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.sql applicationuser


fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.bat <SERVER> <DATABASE> <USER>


fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.bat <SERVER> <DATABASE> <USER>


SERVER Database server

DATABASE Database to update.

USER - Fews system user

Release Notes Delft-FEWS 2017.01

Below the Release Notes (New Features) are displayed. Most features contain a direct link to the documentation. Due to file size restrictions the column containing the 'Image' could not be added.



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