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Release Remark: Rolling Barrel adjusted

A number of client have reported a slow MC RollingBarrel. This issue can be resolved by adding indexes using the 2017.01 fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.sql script provided in MC build #71105. See


  1. Make sure you are logged on as the oracle database owner account (usually 'oracle').
  2. Check that the environment variable ORACLE_SID points to the correct database instance.
  3. Connect as sysdba:
           connect / as sysdba
  4. Run the data_update.sql script. This takes one argument, the application username or schema name the FEWS database is running under, e.g.
           @fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.sql applicationuser


fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.bat <SERVER> <DATABASE> <USER>


fix_201701_addMissingIndexes.bat <SERVER> <DATABASE> <USER>


SERVER Database server

DATABASE Database to update.

USER - Fews system user

Release Notes Delft-FEWS 2017.01

Below the Release Notes (New Features) are displayed. Most features contain a direct link to the documentation. Due to file size restrictions the column containing the 'Image' could not be added.

Delft-FEWS 2017.01 New Features
Component/sCustomer nameKeySummaryRelease Note TextRelease Note Text DescriptionLink to DocumentationConfig Example
App - ArchiveBPAFEWS-16882FEWS-15003 make it possible to access elastic catalogue by the piwebserviceaccess the elastic catalogue by the pi webserviceIn the future it will be possible to access the elastic catalogue by the pi webservice. In this release a temporary version is available. It is mainly used for demo and evaluating purposes and will be extended later to final production version.
App - ArchiveBoM (Aus)FEWS-16892FEWS-15665 HyFS-Archive: improve configMetaData.xsdimprovement of the elastic catalogueThe internal naming of the elastic catalogue and the code is improved to make it more clear what the actual fields of the catalogue mean.
App - Master Controller Server, SystemDeltaresFEWS-12957Improvement to MC restarter script for Windows: does not use JAVA_HOME from registryImprovement to MC restarter script for Windows: does not use JAVA_HOME from registryJRE home directory is now passed as an argument in the restarter scripts
App - Master Controller ServerDeltaresFEWS-16672Make config expiry time taskrun/workflow redundant. Rolling barrel should auto correct expiry timesExpiry time in workflow descriptors is now redundantIt is no longer required to configure the expiry time of workflows in the workflowDescriptors.xml or in the admin interface. The run will not expire before all produced time series / warm states and reports are expired. The amalgamate module will no longer complain about wrongly configured expiry times. The expiry time in the workflow descriptor is still used as default expiry time for simulated time series.
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer), Water CoachBoM (Aus)FEWS-15666FEWS-15665 HyFS-WC: Enable the SA to automatically update its configuration from PROD or UATUpdating configuration with the latest archived configuration (SA only)To update the configuration use File menu 'Load latest archived configuration (Shift+F5)' . Then the latest archived configuration and the associated metadata.xml will be downloaded and the currently used configuration will be replaced with the downloaded configuration. During this process a progress monitor-popup is visible and messages are logged in Logs panel. Also , the user might be prompted to update the configuration, if the last downloaded configuration is outdated. In this case the following message popups immediately after starting Fews: "A new version of the configuration is available in the archive. You can update the current configuration using File -> Load latest archived configuration "
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)BoM (Aus)FEWS-15676FEWS-15665 HyFS: Delete localdatastore from file menuOption to delete localdatastore from Filemenu in ExplorerConfigration option added to delete localdatastore from the File menu in the FEWS Explorer. {code:xml} <fileMenu> <deleteLocalDataStore visible="true"/> </fileMenu> <explorerTasks> {code}
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)BoM (Aus)FEWS-16324FEWS-16315 HyFS-2508: Separate relative view period for data and thresholdsSeparate view period for threshold and validation icons in explorer.Thresholds icons needs a different view period than validation icons. For example you don't want to see that data is missing for the last 15 minutes but the want to see all recent threshold crossings. {code:xml} <filter id="Rain gauges WA" name="Rain Gauges"> <validationIconsViewPeriod start="-600" end="-15" unit="minute"/> <timeSeriesSetsId>AUS_Rain_Gauges</timeSeriesSetsId> {code}
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)Water Board NoorderzijlvestFEWS-12533FEWS-12539 Possibility to define a period (optional start and/or end) for which the filters should be applied.Interactively adjust the period used the calculate the threshold/validation iconsYou can now keep the default filter periods short to improve the update icons performance. In the case you want so see a longer period you can adjust the period. You can adjust the period for any level in the filter tree. The period is displayed in the in the filter tree when the underlying icons use the same period. This is always the case after adjusting the period. no configuration required
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer), ConfigurationWater Board NoorderzijlvestFEWS-16973Attribute filter tree does not work for "multiple value" attributesThe attributes panel can now show multi value attributes.A location attribute can have multiple values for a single location and time when a location is listed multiple times in an attribute csv file.
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)RWS (NL)FEWS-16810Scheduled / batch forecast should only run on T0's corresponding to cardinal timestepFloor time 0 to cardinal time step of workflow descriptor at start of worklow.The time 0 of a task run is now automatically set back to the last valid cardinal time step configured for the workflow descriptor. This is use full when the scheduled dispatch times do not align with the cardinal time step.
App - Operator Client Gui (Explorer)DeltaresFEWS-16336GeoTools library is old, must be updated with new jarGeoTools library updated to version 16.1
ConfigurationDeltaresFEWS-16445Option to read z coordinates from UGRID netcdf file used in grid definition config fileGrids: Added new option zVariableName to grids config.Grids: Added new option z VariableName to grids config for irregular UGRID grid definitions that are defined in a netcdf file. This can be used e.g. to use bottom levels as z coordinates for the grid cells, instead of using the z coordinates of the (3D) cell centers from the mesh itself. {code:xml} <irregular locationId="locationWithUGrid"> <netcdfFile> <file></file> <meshTopologyVariableName>mesh2d</meshTopologyVariableName> <staggerLocation>face</staggerLocation> <zVariableName>mesh2d_FlowElem_bl</zVariableName> </netcdfFile> </irregular> {code}
ConfigurationDeltaresFEWS-8094Prevent invalid sync levels assigned to time series setsSync level configuration no longer required in most casesConfiguration of synch levels 0, 1, 5 and 9 is no longer required. The default synch levels 0, 1, 5 and 9 are automatically used on write for respectively simulated, external, manual at OC and temporary. Configuration of synch level is ony require when having multiple synch profiles. For example to indicate the time series contain (small/large) grids. configuring sync levels is still required. see for all synch levels. ERRORS are now logged for invalid synch levels in workflow configuration. A workflow with invalid sych levels will run till the end but will be marked as partially successful. Synch level 1 for simulated and synch level 0 for external time series results in random gaps in time series on OC. This is no longer allowed. series set schema is unchanged
ConfigurationWaternetFEWS-16520Id map allow internal id functionsThe id map now supports additional attribute functions for more flexable mapping
Configuration - ValidationStatusZuiderzeelandFEWS-16964Store ValidationStatus selection in User SettingsValidation status selection stored in user settingsWhen Validation Status is configured and a data validator selects validation steps in the Validation Status Display, this selection is stored in the user_settings.ini. For a smooth data validation process, this saves clicks.
Configuration - ValidationStatusGO-FEWS (Selection of Dutch Waterboards)FEWS-16841Allow visibilityControllingFlagSourceColumn for filters without time series setsValidationStatus: visibilityControllingFlagSourceColumn is now part of time seriesThe visibilityControllingFlagSourceColumn is now part of time series. Filters can also be based on constraints to search for time series available in the data store.{code:xml} <filter id="KRW-waterlichamen"> <relativeViewPeriod start="-100000" end="0" unit="day"/> <visibilityControllingFlagSourceColumnId>PUBLIC</visibilityControllingFlagSourceColumnId> <locationConstraints> <idStartsWith prefix="NL"/> </locationConstraints> <parameterConstraints> <idStartsWith prefix=""/> </parameterConstraints> <qualifierConstraints> <idStartsWith prefix=""/> </qualifierConstraints> </filter> {code}
DatabaseBoM (Aus)FEWS-16323FEWS-16315 HyFS-3070: FEWS should ignore empty location setsIgnore non existing location sets when exporting the the archiveWhen templates are used for exporting data to the archive it is common to construct a location set id from the area for which the export is executed. For example. The location set might be locations_${areaid}. If this location set doesn't exists for a certain area than the export activity will give an error. It is now possible to ignore this situation and continue without logging errors. This behavior is configurable and can be activated by the following option ignoreNonExistingLocationSets in the general section of the export. a snippet from the general section from the archive {code:xml} <exportObserved> <general> <archiveFolder>$ARCHIVE_FOLDER$</archiveFolder> <relativePeriod unit="day" start="-5" end="0"/> <idMapId>IdArchive</idMapId> <ignoreNonExistingLocationSets>true</ignoreNonExistingLocationSets> </general> {code}
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16854Redundant MC tablesRemoved redundant MC tables: most significantly ConfigManager ConfigRevisionStore,ConfigRevisions (migration to ConfigRevisionSets has been possible since 2011.02).If there are old systems from before 2011_02 that need to be migrated to use ConfigRevisionSets (very unlikely) it is required to migrate before running the 2017_01 data_update script, otherwise config revision history is started afresh. Removed obsolete ConfigManager revisions ConfigRevisionStore,ConfigRevisions (migration to ConfigRevisionSets was possible since 2011.02) The following redundant MC tables have been removed. A. SysReports, SysReportStyles, DefaultSysReportStyles B. ConfigManConfigurations, DefaultConfigManConfigurations, C. ConfigRevisionStore,ConfigRevisions (migration was possible since 2011.02) D. GlobalSynchronisationVersion, TableDeletion, TableSynchronisationVersion (synchronisation2) Be aware as always for migration to a new release that the default synchProfiles and synchChannels need to be verified. In this case ConfigRevisions an ConfigRevisionStore have been removed from the synchChannels. When this modification is not applied to the synchChannels, synchronisation errors will occur.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16650Add extra foreign key constraints to database scriptsDB Schema has additional foreign keys for forcing database consistency.The following relations are now being enforced (please contact FEWS support in case of unexpected foreign key failures). Timeseries to Modifiers TimeSeries.taskrunId to TaskRuns Modifiers to SystemActivities Modifiers to WhatIfScenarios ModuleParameterModifiers to Modifiers.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-14866FewsSessions expiry time column for RollingBarrelAn expiry time column has been added to the FewsSessions table in preparation of future RollingBarrel activities. {code:xml} <rollingbarrel> <taskruns expiredays="10"/> <fewssessions expiredays="30"/> <logentries expiredays="5"/> <reports expiredays="5"/> <default expiredays="10"/> </rollingbarrel> {code}
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-15866Make MsgRequester sendAndProcessReply exit on OutOfMemoryError when logging in endless loopFixed ActiveMQ OutOfMemoryError leading to infinite loop.
DatabaseBoM (Aus)FEWS-16874FEWS-16315 Deleting records from LogEntries tableDeleting records from LogEntries table enabledDeleting records from LogEntries table is a functionality that can be activated from ForecasterNotes display. Each forecaster note is stored in a record in LogEntries table To delete forecaster notes from LogEntries table, select the notes in the ForecasterNotes display and use the toolbar button “Delete”. Then the ‘delete records’ functionality (RecordsPendingDeletion) removes then the associated records from the database.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16696Progress popup on reconnecting to database instead of time out error after 5 secondsProgress popup on reconnecting to databaseProgress popup on reconnecting to database instead of time out error after 5 seconds
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16704DDA. Show connecting in status bar when database connection is lostShow connecting in status bar when database connection is lost in Direct Database Connection (DDA) modeThe Delft-FEWS Explorer status bar now shows when a connection is lost when using Direct Database Connection (DDA)
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-15883Add new timeSeriesType 'temporary forecast'New time series type "Temporary External Forecasting"new time series type "Temporary External Forecasting" This replaces an external forecast with synch level 9 with a parameter that is only used in combination with synch level 9 and not in the final result. Temporary time series are deleted at the end of a run. They are only visible for the running task run. You can now use the same parameter as used in the final result {code:xml} <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportExternalCSV</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>H.res.fcst.ext</parameterId> <locationSetId>AUS_RTC_reservoirs</locationSetId> <timeSeriesType>temporary external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="15"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> {code}
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16709Completed/Failed status of import runs should be written to database for SACompleted/Failed status of import runs written to database for StandAloneIn Standalone mode the completion status was lost for import runs when restarting Delft-FEWS. This status is now visible in System Monitor and the Database viewer.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16746A new key object should be created every time an item is added to a cacheMore accurate memory usage statusThe memory usage reported in the status bar is now more accurate.
Database, SystemDeltaresFEWS-16856Replicate to derby. Upgrade derby library to derby- derby jdbc driver has been migrated from derby- to derby- Note that it is impossible to open a 2017.01 derby localDataStore with a 2016.02 or before.When it is required to view a 2017.01 derby database using a 2016.02 Stand alone, it is only possible to do so by first replicating to firebird and then to rename the replica.fdb into local.fdb.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-16199No longer support msaccess/derby lds created by 2013.01 or earlierMS Access/Derby local datastores created by Delft-FEWS 2013.01 (or earlier) needs conversionMS Access/Derby local datastores created by Delft-FEWS 2013.01 or earlier needs manual conversion with <F12> database>replicate. Error is logged when this is the case
DatabaseZZLFEWS-16139FEWS-14055 Re-ID Tool: Open DatabaseRe-ID Tool works with Open DatabaseRe-ID Tool works with Open Database
DatabaseGO-FEWS (Selection of Dutch Waterboards)FEWS-13881FEWS-14055 Enlarge width of location/parameter/qualifier/ensemble columns to max 2000bRe-Id Tool: the locationId, parameterId, qualifierSetId, ensembleMemberId columns in the Timeseries table have been widened from 64 to 2000 charactersMore time series can be stored in a single time series blob also when they don't use short ids (location, parameter, qualifier, ensemble member) LocationId, parameterId, qualifierSetId, ensembleMemberId columns in the Timeseries table have been widened from 64 to 2000 characters. Rollback is not possible, therefore the changes are not reflected in the rollback_update scripts. Upgraded local data stores are still readable by older FEWS stand alone versions configuration required
DatabaseBoM (Aus)FEWS-16500FEWS-16033 Standardise storage of properties in FEWS databaseTime series variability boxes for time and valueA start/end and min/max can now be stored along with a time/value point in the data store. These variability boxes of data points are automatically displayed in the charts as transparent rectangles. The start/end min/max are also added to the pi time series format. These variability boxes are compressed and stored in the same blob as the rest of the time series.
DatabaseDeltaresFEWS-17009FEWS-16827 Simplify time series table queriesPerformance improvements 2017.01Performance improvements 2017.01. Internal database queries have been improved and simplified
Debug Tool - Database ViewerRWSFEWS-17019Function for removing a taskrun and all corresponding module instances from database viewerIn (stand alone) Database viewer data written by individual module instances can be removed
Debug Tool - Database ViewerDeltaresFEWS-16527Show task run / workflow / time0 in tsd lister when time series is written by single runAdditional information visible in Timeseries Lister (Taskrun, Workflow, Time0) when timeseries is written by single runThe time series lister from the time series dialog now also shows the run that has written the time series. This also works for external historical when zoomed in to a single import.
Debug Tool - Workflow NavigatorTVAFEWS-14781FEWS-10616 TVA: show temporary timseries also in WFN after F12-6Show temporary time series in workflow navigator.For debug purposes in stand alone you can choose with the F12 menu to keep the temporary time series after a run is finished. These temporary time series are now also visible in the work flow navigator besides the database lister. The temporary series are deleted when you toggle the F12 option.
MCRecoveryToolGO-FEWS (Selection of Dutch Waterboards)FEWS-14056FEWS-14055 Persistent time series ids. Option: Re-ID ToolPersistent Location, parameter, qualifier and module instance ids.Location, parameter, qualifier and module instance can now be changed in the configuration without effecting existing FEWS data bases, open data bases and open archives. The databases and the archive will always use the persistent ids behind the scenes. The normal ids are used everywhere else. The persistent ids that are different from the current config id are listed in separate csv files. These files can list the obsolete or false ids.{code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <locationSets xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.1"> <persistentIdsCsvFile> <file>oldLocationsIds.csv</file> <configId>%CURRENT_ID%</configId> <persistentId>%OLD_ID%</persistentId> </persistentIdsCsvFile> {code} {code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <parameters xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0"> <persistentIdsCsvFile> <file>oldParameterIds.csv</file> <configId>%CURRENT_ID%</configId> <persistentId>%OLD_ID%</persistentId> </persistentIdsCsvFile> <parameterGroups> {code} {code:xml} <moduleInstanceDescriptors xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0"> <persistentIdsCsvFile> <file>oldModuleInstanceIds.csv</file> <configId>%CURRENT_ID%</configId> <persistentId>%OLD_ID%</persistentId> </persistentIdsCsvFile> {code} {code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <qualifiers xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <persistentIdsCsvFile> <file>oldQualifierIds.csv</file> <configId>%CURRENT_ID%</configId> <persistentId>%OLD_ID%</persistentId> </persistentIdsCsvFile> {code}
Module Adapter - Allalberta’s river forecast centreFEWS-16402Kisters Hydstra adapterKisters Hydstra adapter availableKisters Hydstra adapter available
Module Adapter - SOBEKDeltaresFEWS-16922Compile sobek.PreSobekModelAdapter and sobek.PostSobekModelAdapter for 64-bitPreSobekModelAdapter and PostSobekModelAdapter are now available for windows 64 bit.PreSobekModelAdapter and PostSobekModelAdapter are now available for windows 64 bit. The new nefis3_x64.dll is required for this and can be copied to the fews bin directory.
Plugin - Gui - Archive DisplayBoM (Aus)FEWS-15673FEWS-15665 HyFS-Archive: Improve Archive Display event selectionimprove event selection in archive displayIn the archive display it is possible to create events and to search for events. These panels have now extended possibilities for filtering events. After double clicking on a event the events displayed will automatically be filtered for the selected value. After clicking the right mouse button a menu will be displayed with additional options for adding or removing filters.
Plugin - Gui - Archive DisplayBoM (Aus)FEWS-15674FEWS-15665 HyFS-Archive: Show Archive name is Archive Displayshow archive display name in the explorer tool barIf an archive is configured the toolbar will show the name of the archive. This name will be retrieved from the archive itself. It the archive is not accessible the name section in the toolbar will be colored red otherwise the section will be colored green.
Plugin - GUI - Forecast Mix DisplayIdaho PowerFEWS-15781FEWS-14466 New FEWS Plugin where multiple current and non current scalar forecasts can be weighted for every time step of the current forecast periodForecastMixerForecastMixer is a FewsExplorer plugin and can be configured in Explorer.xml, for example as follows: {code:xml} <explorerTask name="ForecastMixer"> <displayConfigFileName>ForecastMixer</displayConfigFileName> <toolbarTask>true</toolbarTask> <menubarTask>true</menubarTask> <loadAtStartup>true</loadAtStartup> </explorerTask> {code} ForecastMixer uses display config file where we specify the input and output time series filters , and the weighting method . The filters are used to filter the relevant input and output time series from the plots . ForecastMixer uses (forecast) time series of one particular location to create the weights. Then it creates mixed forecast for all locations from the configured location set, using the configured weighting method. This locationSet should be configured in a plot. The location used to create the weights should be configured <locationId> in the display Output time series should have the time series type ‘simulated forecasting’ , since ForecastMixer creates simulated forecasts. An example of ForecastMixer.xml and DisplayGroups.xml is in attached zip file *Usage of ForecastMixer* 1. Select a display from displayGroups in TSD. The most recent external forecast or current forecast are visible 2. If needed, open more forecast using the TSD button “Search and select forecasts” 3. Open ForecastMixer by pressing the button “Open Forecast Mixer” on the TSD tool bar (see TSDAndForecastMixer.png in zip file) 4. ForecastMixer uses filters from ForecastMixer.xml to obtain the relevant time series from plots. 5. For each separate filter (called ‘mixing’) a separate tab is created in ForecastMixer. It shows the default weights for all input time series . 6. If the weighting method is ‘userDefinedWeights’ then the user can change the weights . The chart (bars) are changing accordinatelly. 7. We can save the output forecasts using the buttons in the upper left corner. All output forecasts from all Tab’s are saved in one go. Use the button “Save (Ctrl + S)” if the mixed forecast should be saved permanently, otherwise use the button “Save temporary (Ctrl+T)”. If “Save temporary” is used then the mixed forecasts are gone when we shut down the Fews application.
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayBoM (Aus)FEWS-16322FEWS-16315 HyFS-3071: Have the ability to toggle the time slider from sliding by the accumulation or by the min timestepToggle between accumulation/average and moving accumulation/average in Grid displayIn the grid display it is possible to configure a slider which allows to aggregate the data on-the-fly. It is possible to configure a moving average, accumulation or a moving accumulation. After configuring one of these options it is now possible to switch between accumulation and moving accumulation and average and moving average in the gui by selecting a dropdown box.
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayWaterboard Vallei & VeluweFEWS-14439WS Vallei en Veluwe: Spatial Display should support nonequidistant scalar values (Show last non-equi value before or at slider time)Option added to Grid Display to extend the last value of a non-equidistant timeseries
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayBoM (Aus)FEWS-16386FEWS-16315 HyFS-3069: Ability to show in spatial display last value for WL related displaysLast value checkbox now also available for equidistant.Last value checkbox now also available for equidistant. It will show the last non missing value within the search period.
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayPudong (China)FEWS-16021Allow projection file (prj) for regular grids in grids.xml and ascii grids layersExtended regular grid definition to assign a *prj file (from mapLayers) to derive the grid definitionGrid definition (in xml) has been extended for regular grids. It is now possible to assign a *prj file (from mapLayers) to derive the grid definition{code:xml} <regular locationId="MRMS"> <description>MRMS grid desciption</description> <rows>377</rows> <columns>850</columns> <projectionFile>Cumberland_Basins.prj</projectionFile> <firstCellCenter> <x>-89.5</x> <y>37.665</y> <z>0.0</z> </firstCellCenter> <xCellSize>0.01</xCellSize> <yCellSize>0.01</yCellSize> </regular> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayRWS (NL)FEWS-16514Enable the use of flow-convention for calculating direction in degrees in grid-displayTime series dialog. More control over on the fly conversion from u and v to directionWhen double clicking on a grid cell in the spatial display the wind or flow direction is calculated on the fly by the time series dialog. The method that is used can now be configured {code:xml} <dataLayer> <arrowColor>black</arrowColor> <arrowSymbol>flow</arrowSymbol> <arrowDirection>from</arrowDirection> <uTimeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Waqua_IJmond_forecast_import</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>V.voorspeld.x</parameterId> <locationId>Grid_Waqua_IJmond</locationId> <timeSeriesType>simulated forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-1" end="2"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </uTimeSeriesSet> <vTimeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Waqua_IJmond_forecast_import</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>V.voorspeld.y</parameterId> <locationId>Grid_Waqua_IJmond</locationId> <timeSeriesType>simulated forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-1" end="2"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </vTimeSeriesSet> <uvAmplitudeParameterId>C.simulated.speed</uvAmplitudeParameterId> <uvDirectionParameterId>C.simulated.dir</uvDirectionParameterId> <uvDirectionParameterConvention>from</uvDirectionParameterConvention> </dataLayer> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFOENFEWS-16468FEWS-16464 FOEN: For each parameter you want to select between several classificationsInstantly switch between class break (legend) definitions in spatial displaySometimes the default legend is not optimal for the dynamic range of values displayed in the spatial display. For example when you use the aggregation slider or in extreme flood situations. Besides re-scaling the default class breaks the user can now switch between different class breaks when conigured
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayBoM (Aus)FEWS-16317FEWS-16315 HyFS-2043: Closed sensors showing on the spatial display and tool tipsSpatial display. Point locations that are no longer or not yet in use for the actual time step time are now invisible
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayFOEN (CH)FEWS-16466FEWS-16464 FOEN: Display of comments for GridsShow imported grid comment in spatial displayWhen a grid import set comments for grids these can now be displayed in the spatial display {code:xml} <defaults> <plotGroupId>Grids</plotGroupId> <commentPositioning>topLeft</commentPositioning> </defaults> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Grid DisplayDeltaresFEWS-15743Extend Export functionality shape-fileShape-file export extended with 'shape id'Shape-file export extended with 'shape id' which can be configured by the user. By default the location-Id is exported. {code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gridDisplay xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <title>Animations</title> <exportShapeIdFunction>@MATROOS_ID@</exportShapeIdFunction> <defaults> {code}
Plugin - GUI - IFD - ForecastsFEWS SavaFEWS-16957IFD permission on run (separate for local and server) buttonpermissions to run local runs of server runsIt is now possible to configure if a user is allowed to run a workflow locally or at the server. Both are implemented as different permissions. {code:xml} <node id="workflow" name="workflow"> <workflowId>Workflow</workflowId> <runWorkflowLocallyPermission>runLocalPermission</runWorkflowLocallyPermission> <runWorkflowAtServerPermission>runAtServerPermission</runWorkflowAtServerPermission> <localRun>false</localRun> <showRunApprovedForecastButton>true</showRunApprovedForecastButton> </node> {code}
Plugin - Gui - MapBoM (Aus)FEWS-16702FEWS-16315 WMS background layers must be updated every 15 minutes in cache filesExpiry time for WMS map layer tile cacheYou can now configure re-download interval for a WMS layer. {code:xml} <wmsLayer id="Australia polygon - WMS"> <connectionId>WMS_BOM</connectionId> <wmsLayerName>IDZ10005_poly</wmsLayerName> <imageFormat>png</imageFormat> <transparent>true</transparent> <visible>false</visible> <cacheExpiryTimeSpanMillis unit="minute" multiplier="10"/> </wmsLayer> {code}
Plugin - Gui - MapDeltaresFEWS-16878Add EPSG geodatums supported by geo toolsAll official coordinate systems used world wide are now availableFEWS now supports over 6000 coordinate systems used world wide. see {code:xml} <map> <geoDatum>EPSG:27700</geoDatum> <projection>mercator</projection> {code}
Plugin - GUI - Sample ViewerWAM NoorderzijlvestFEWS-16949Functionality of permissions in the Sample ViewerSample viewer, hide some sample data for certain users.You can now hide sample values attached to a certain module instance with a permission. A sample contains multiple module instances when processed values are added later. {code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <sampleDisplay xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <permissions> <moduleInstance id="Import_ECO_CSV" viewPermission="ViewSamples"/> </permissions> </sampleDisplay> {code} {code:xml} <explorerTask name="Monsterdata (Hydrobiologie)"> <iconFile>sample.png</iconFile> <mnemonic>M</mnemonic> <displayConfigFileName>SamplesDisplay</displayConfigFileName> <toolbarTask>true</toolbarTask> <menubarTask>true</menubarTask> <accelerator>ctrl H</accelerator> <loadAtStartup>false</loadAtStartup> </explorerTask> {code}
Plugin - Gui - System MonitorRWS (NL)FEWS-16143Add column containing tag to the system monitor "scheduled task" in OCEventActionTag column added to ScheduledTasks Overview in SystemMonitor of client
Plugin - Gui - System MonitorBoM (Aus)FEWS-16316FEWS-16315 HYFS-2444: Improvements to Forecasters notesForecaster Notes improvements*1. Deleting forecaster notes* To delete forecaster notes, select the notes in the table and use the toolbar button “Delete” (see picture ForecasterNotes.png). Then the expiry time of the selected forecaster notes will be set to ‘now’, and the notes will be deleted from database. Also, the expiry time of each forecaster note is visible in the table column “Expiry time” *2. (and 4.) Visibility of forecaster notes in the table* The visibility of the forecaster notes depends on the selected folder or node in the topology tree. If a folder is selected, then the table shows: - all notes from the lower (child) folders and nodes, and - notes from the higher (parent) folders. If any node in the folder is selected, then the table shows: - all notes inside that folder, and - notes from the higher (parent) folders. When nothing is selected in topology tree, then all forecaster notes are shown. When you have already made a selection in topology tree, but you want to see all the notes, press then F12 in the ForecasterNotes and select option “1 Show all messages” *3. Showing long forecaster notes* To show long notes in Forecaster Notes table row, use option ‘maxNumberOfLinesInTableRow’: {code:xml} <maxNumberOfLinesInTableRow>5</maxNumberOfLinesInTableRow> {code} The height of each row will then depend on the number of lines in the note, up to the configured maximum. If the option ‘maxNumberOfLinesInTableRow’ is omitted, the table row shows always one line. *5. Forecaster Notes and the visibility of the columns* To hide one or more columns, use an option <columns> and specify per column the visibility. {code:xml} <columns> <logLevel visible="true"/> <logCreationTime visible="false"/> <eventCode visible="true"/> <eventTime visible="true"/> <userId visible="true"/> <template visible="false"/> <segment visible="true"/> <logMessage visible="true"/> </columns> {code} If the option <columns> is omitted, then all columns are visible .
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesDeltares-USAFEWS-15904FEWS-10616 show Interval Statistics Display in displayUnitsInterval Statistics Display now shows values in DisplayUnitsInterval Statistics Display now shows values in the configured DisplayUnits
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesFOENFEWS-14817FEWS-9563 Display of Accumulated Precipitation in FEWS graphsLine style of cumulative function will listen to configured line style{code} <statisticalFunction function="cumulative"> <lineStyle>dashdot;thick</lineStyle> </statisticalFunction> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time Series, Plugin - Module - Data ExportNoorderzijlvest (strippenkaart)FEWS-16837Interactive export. Add permissions for exporting doubtful and unreliable valuesPermissions to prevent users exporting unreliable dataExtra permissions are added to the explorer.xml to prevent (some) users are exporting unreliable data explorer.xml {code:xml} <interactiveExportFormats> <exportUnreliablePermission>EXPORT_UNRELIABLE</exportUnreliablePermission> <exportDoubtfulPermission>EXPORT_DOUBTFUL</exportDoubtfulPermission> <interactiveExportFormat> <name>ExportHydrobiologischDatamodel.csv</name> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesBoM (Aus)FEWS-16319FEWS-16315 HyFS-2565: Add flood class levels values to thresholdsTime series dialog. Threshold value visible in threshold line label.You can now include the value in the label of the threshold line with a configuration option {code:xml} <thresholdDisplayOptions id="Minor Flooding" visible="true"> <color>chartreuse3</color> <labelIncludesValue>true</labelIncludesValue> <labelAlignment>left</labelAlignment> </thresholdDisplayOptions> {code}
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesTVAFEWS-15922FEWS-10616 Timeseries "relativelyAbsoluteViewPeriod"Redesigned time window popupThe time window popup used in the time series dialog and grid display is now redesigned. You can now stop the time window from moving automatically with the system time. It is now clearly visible which fields are adjusted and now longer updating automatically. Individual fields can now be reset to the default. A shortcut button is added to set the fields to show the current day with a single click.
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesBoM (Aus)FEWS-16502FEWS-16033 Update Time Series Display with boxes
Plugin - Gui - Time SeriesWater Board NoorderzijlvestFEWS-16927Custom validation flags need some improvementsValidation flag improvementsValidation flags names have been improved. Added support for marking with flags: Inside detection limit Above detection limit Below detection limit Varying detection limit
Plugin - Gui - Time Series ModifierBoM (Aus)FEWS-16325FEWS-16315 HyFS-2123: In modifiers display need to clearly show some of the drop down boxes are available.Show a combo box for location attributes in the modifiers panelIt is possible to configure that for a certain attribute a fixed number of options are available when modifying this attribute in the modifiers panel. In the previous releases the location attribute editor panel showed a regular edit box only after clicking on the box a combo box was shown. It is was therefore not always clear to the user that a fixed set of options were available. In the current release the panel will always show a combo box.
Plugin - Gui - Time Series ModifierBoM (Aus)FEWS-16385FEWS-16315 HyFS 2063: Reservoir - Option to enter dam release in ML/dThe ability to switch between m3/s and ML/d is available on the modifier display.To change (and save) this in the modifier display, the procedure is as follows: * Open time series display and change unit from m3/s to ML/d * The Modifier display will still use the m3/s units. * Close the Modifier display and open it again. The modifier display will now load the display settings and use the same units as specified in the time series display. * There will be no button in the Modifier display, only in the time series display When the FEWS system closes the units are saved in the usersettings ini file. Next time FEWs is opened the correct units will be used, this can be the m3/s or the ML/d, depends what was selected when closing FEWS.
Plugin - Module - (Primary) ValidationDeltaresFEWS-16485Logging must be made more consistentUse parameter and station name with ID between () in limit violation more consistentlyUse parameter and station name with ID between () in limit violation more consistently
Plugin - Module - (Primary) Validation, Plugin - Module - ThresholdsWater Board NoorderzijlvestFEWS-12961FEWS-12539 Defining thresholds and validation rules for samples without needing to do that for all individual 10.000 qualifiersIgnore qualifiers when resolving thresholds for time seriesYou can now ignore the qualifiers in the threshold value sets. This reduces the number of threshold sets dramatically when the threshold values do not depend on the time series qualifier {code:xml} <thresholdValueSet id="TVS1"> <considerQualifiers>false</considerQualifiers> <levelThresholdValue> <levelThresholdId>level1</levelThresholdId> <value>1.5</value> </levelThresholdValue> {code}
Plugin - Module - ArchiveBoM (Aus)FEWS-16320FEWS-16315 HyFS-2579: Ability to have some idmapping on Archive Import to deal with changed locationID'sid mapping for data imports from the archiveThe timeseriesset definition is stored in the netcdf file when the data is send to the archive. By default the timeseries are mapped to this definition. It is now possible to create an id mapping for locations and the parameters when importing data from the archive. This id mapping will map a location id or a parameter id which is defined in the timeseriesset definition in the netcdf file to the configured location id or parameter id in the configured id mapping.
Plugin - Module - ArchiveTVAFEWS-16616Seamless integration for external forecastsSeamless integration for external forecasts in the pi webserviceIt is now also possible to retrieve external forecasts from the archive by using the pi webservice. This is now possible because the seamless integration between the pi webservice and the Deltares Open Archive is now also available.
Plugin - Module - ArchiveRWS (NL)FEWS-16094RWS: Create tool to generate metadata.xml for matroosCreated a tool that generates Deltares-Archive metadata.xml files from the MATROOS netcdf archiveCreated the class in the Delft_Archive_Util.jar. This class can be run using the arguments archivedir=path or name of archive data directory. Required parameter statistics=true/false. Optional parameter (default = false). If true max and min values are collected for the variables in the netcdf files. overwrite=true/false. Optional parameter (default = false). Option to overwrite existing metadata files. subdirpattern=regular expression defining an overruling pattern for the folder structure in which metadata.xml files are produced. default is {code} '.+[\\/]\d{4}[\\/].+[\\/]\d{6}' {code} which validates for folder '<root>/yyyy/sourceid/yyyyMM/'
Plugin - Module - ArchiveBoM (Aus)FEWS-16501FEWS-16033 Export properties to Open archiveExport properties to Open archiveTime series properties are written to the archive and read into FEWS by default. Exporting the properties can be disable with the option: <includeTimeSeriesProperties>true</includeTimeSeriesProperties> timeRanges and valueRanges are stored as ancillary netcdf variables: value_min, value_max, time_start and time_end. Exporting thes variables is set by default. This can be disabled with the properties: <includeTimeRanges>true</includeTimeRanges> <includeValueRanges>true</includeValueRanges>{code} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <exportArchiveModule xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <!--Archive activities on Basin level. Export of observed data, forecaster notes and content reviewer forecasts--> <!--The property BASIN is used as Archive Area ID, this is the Archive folder structure and the HyFS Basin ID--> <exportExternalForecast> <general> <archiveFolder>$ARCHIVE_FOLDER$/externalforecasts</archiveFolder> <relativePeriod unit="day" start="-500" end="50"/> <idMapId>IdArchive</idMapId> </general> <activities> <netcdfExportActivities> <netcdfExportActivity> <fileName></fileName> <areaId>aifsml</areaId> <sourceId>SOURCE ID</sourceId> <includeTimeSeriesProperties>true</includeTimeSeriesProperties> <includeTimeRanges>true</includeTimeRanges> <includeValueRanges>true</includeValueRanges> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportContentReviewer</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>H.issued.fcst</parameterId> <locationId>H590002</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant"/> <readWriteMode>read complete forecast</readWriteMode> <synchLevel>1</synchLevel> </timeSeriesSet> </netcdfExportActivity> </netcdfExportActivities> </activities> </exportExternalForecast> </exportArchiveModule> {code}
Plugin - Module - ArchiveZZLFEWS-16140FEWS-14055 Re-Id Tool : Deltares Open ArchiveRe-ID Tool works with Open Archive
Plugin - Module - Data ExportRWS (NL)FEWS-15431Add threshold information to NetCDF filesThreshold information added to NetCDF filesPossibility to export thresholds to scalar netcdf files with the use of id mapping. This way different thresholds for different locations can be exported to the same id in netcdf. This is primarily meant for reading by external tools. thresholds by adding includeThresholds to the properties {code:xml} <general> <exportType>NETCDF-CF_TIMESERIES</exportType> <folder>../junit_test_output/nl/wldelft/fews/system/plugin/dataExport/TimeSeriesExportTest/exportNetcdfThresholdsEmpty/export</folder> <exportFileName> <name></name> </exportFileName> <idMapId>Netcdf</idMapId> <exportMissingValueString>-9999.0</exportMissingValueString> <exportThresholds>true</exportThresholds> </general> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ExportRunMultipleTimeSeries</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>H.m</parameterId> <locationId>H-2029</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" divider="1" multiplier="15"/> <relativeViewPeriod unit="minute" start="0" end="30"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> {code} IdMap.xml: {code:xml} <idMap xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.1"> <parameter internal="Q.obs" external="Discharge"/> <parameter internal="H.obs" external="WaterLevel"/> <parameter internal="P.obs" external="Rainfall"/> <location internal="H-2001" external="EA_H-2001"/> <location internal="H-2002" external="EA_H-2002"/> <location internal="SX.A" external="GridLocation"/> <threshold internal="Waarsch_Peil_3" external="Rood" /> <threshold internal="Waarsch_Peil_2" external="Oranje" /> <threshold internal="Waarsch_Peil_1" external="Geel" /> <threshold internal="Al_Peil_3" external="Rood" /> <threshold internal="Al_Peil_2" external="Oranje" /> <threshold internal="Al_Peil_1" external="Geel" /> </idMap> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ExportFOENFEWS-16467FEWS-16464 FOEN CR 2017.01: Export T0 of the meteo forecast usedExporting external forecast times of the hydrological and meteorological forecasts that has been used to create simulated forecastTo export the forecast times , i.e. init times of the hydrological and meteorological models, taken the following steps: - when making a Fews Forecast, create a dummy non equidistant series . These series have just one timestamp that is equal to the external forecast time of the hydrological c.q. meteorological model. - Configure dummy series parameters in properties, for example {code:xml} <string key="HydrologicalForecastParameter" value="Q.f"/> <string key="MeteorologicalForecastParameter" value="P.f"/> </properties> {code} - Run Gin export. The series associated with the parameters from the properties are used to obtain inittime and inittime2 (these series are not exported) Exporting external forecast times of the hydrological and meteorological forecasts in Reports: For this purpose the report function LASTVALUETIME can be used. This function inserts the date and time of the most recent value present in given time series array. An example: LASTVALUETIME(Qf; dateFormat1)
Plugin - Module - Data ExportRWS (NL)FEWS-15723New data export for LHP app (RWsOS)New data export for LHP app
Plugin - Module - Data ExportDeltaresFEWS-16761XmlChunkedSerializer. Allow writing pi time series in chunksLarge PI XML files now written in chunks
Plugin - Module - Data ImportDeltaresFEWS-14004actionLogEventTypeId in combinatie met DDA werkt niet altijd, redesign nodigThe log event handling for log messages belonging to a system activity other than a taskrun was broken but is now fixed.For DDA tasks it was made that event triggering only took place after a taskrun was completed. This broke the triggering for event codes generated by MC components (FSListener, etc).
Plugin - Module - Data ImportQuebec (Ca)FEWS-16664FEWS-16663 Québec: multiple flag columns in generalCSV importIn the generalCsv import it is possible to import multiple flag columnsIn the generalCsv import it is possible to import multiple flag columns. This works only in combination with multiple value columns. For each flag column a parameter id and/or location id can be specified, this should be done in the same way as the value column so the flag will match the correct value.{code:xml} <general> <importType>generalCSV</importType> <folder>import/generalCsvMultipleFlagColumnsParameterId</folder> <table> <locationColumn name="NoClimato"/> <dateTimeColumn name="Date_Heure" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"/> <valueColumn name="TempMin_degC" parameterId="T.m" unit="DEGC"/> <flagColumn name="Code_TMin" parameterId="T.m"/> <valueColumn name="TempMax_degC" parameterId="T.smelt" unit="DEGC"/> <flagColumn name="Code_TMax" parameterId="T.smelt"/> </table> <flagConversionsId>FlagConversionsMultipleFlagColumns</flagConversionsId> <missingValue>-999</missingValue> </general> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFEWS SavaFEWS-16220CroatianHFSResults data importCroatianHFSResults data import<importType>CroatianHFSResults</importType>
Plugin - Module - Data ImportLand OOE (AT)FEWS-15929WISKI Import changed format
Plugin - Module - Data ImportMDDELCCFEWS-16916FEWS-16663 Import of bespoke Hydro Québec .prn filesImport type added: HydroQuebecPRNImport for specific Quebec format, containing flow for 3 Quebec locations<importType>HydroQuebecPRN</importType>
Plugin - Module - Data ImportEUFEWS-15946Add parameter to Landsat-HDF5DSSF parameter added to Landsat-HDF5 importDSSF parameter added to import Landsat-HDF5 to be able to read parameters from LSA SAF data
Plugin - Module - Data ImportHydrotec (D)FEWS-16393FEWS-11612 Hydrotec: Definition of time zone in zrxp importWiski zrxp import & reading time zonesWiski zrxp import supports all possible time zone definitions specified in the TZ field. The possible time zone definitions are described in the ZRXP documentation.
Plugin - Module - Data ImportRWS (NL)FEWS-16028Netcdf longitudinal profile import should accept files where "nodenames" variable is called differentlyNetcdf longitudinal profile import now uses the cf_role attribute to find the nodenames variable in the netcdf file.Netcdf longitudinal profile import now uses the cf_role attribute to find the nodenames variable in the netcdf file. If not found, then it uses the variable called "nodenames" for backwards compatibility.
Plugin - Module - Data ImportAlberta (Ca)FEWS-16580WiskiService. Use windows charset when encoding not specified in xmlWiskiServer parser adjusted to read default OS charsetWiskiServer parser adjusted to read default OS charset if charset is not available in XML file
Plugin - Module - Data ImportFOENFEWS-16465FEWS-16464 FOEN: Import of ArcInfo ASCII grids with additional log fileAdded new importType "OSHDAsciiGrid"Added new importType "OSHDAsciiGrid" for importing Operational Snow-HyDrological service (OSHD) ascii grid files with additional metadata files.{code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <importType>OSHDAsciiGrid</importType> <folder>$IMPORT_FOLDER_ROOT$/SWE</folder> <idMapId>IdImportSWEAsc</idMapId> <geoDatum>CH1903</geoDatum> </general> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportSWE</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>SWE.fh</parameterId> <locationId>Swissix</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="hour" multiplier="1"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </import> </timeSeriesImportRun> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data Importfews savaFEWS-16694New importer for CSV files with 1 row of headers with location names.New import format for CSV files that only contain one header line with location ids
Plugin - Module - Data ImportDeltaresFEWS-17014FEWS-Accelerator: Import GMP-iMerge satellite dataImport GMP-iMerge satellite data addedExtended the NetCDF gridded dataset import so it can read the GMP-iMerge satellite data{code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <importType>NetcdfGridDataset</importType> <folder>$IMPORT_FOLDER$/imerg</folder> <fileNameDateTimeFilter subFolderLevel="0"> <!--201412--> <timeStep unit="month"/> <dateTimePattern>yyyyMM</dateTimePattern> <preFixLength>0</preFixLength> <postFixLength>0</postFixLength> </fileNameDateTimeFilter> <fileNameDateTimeFilter subFolderLevel="1"> <!--3B-HHR-E.MS.MRG.3IMERG.20141231-S173000-E175959.1050.V04A.RT-H5--> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <dateTimePattern>yyyyMMdd'-S'HHmmss</dateTimePattern> <preFixLength>23</preFixLength> <postFixLength>24</postFixLength> </fileNameDateTimeFilter> <failedFolder>$IMPORT_FAILED_FOLDER$</failedFolder> <backupFolder>$IMPORT_BACKUP_FOLDER$/imerg</backupFolder> <idMapId>IdImportGPM</idMapId> <unitConversionsId>ImportUnitConversions</unitConversionsId> <importTimeZone> <timeZoneOffset>+00:00</timeZoneOffset> </importTimeZone> <dataFeedId>GPM_IMERG</dataFeedId> </general> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Import_GPM</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>grid</valueType> <parameterId>P.obs</parameterId> <locationId>IMERG_world</locationId> <timeSeriesType>temporary</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="30"/> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <externUnit parameterId="P.obs" unit="mm/hr"/> </import> </timeSeriesImportRun> {code}
Plugin - Module - Data ImportDeltaresFEWS-16206BUFR files shouldn't be copied to the bin directoryBUFR tables should be available in the Modules/bufr directoryThe BUFR import requires bufr tables (csv files) that used to be in the FEWS bin directory. Since 2017.01 the BUFR tables are expected in the Modules/bufr directory. For more information see:
Plugin - Module - Data ImportARPA / Po (It)FEWS-16333BUFR import 64 bits supportBUFR import is supported on x64 bit WindowsBUFR import is supported on x64 bit Windows
Plugin - Module - Data ImportDeltaresFEWS-16405KiwiPreAdapter works incorrect on LinuxKiwiPreAdapter has become obsoleteThe KiwiPreAdapter has become obsolete and has been removed from the FEWS codebase.
Plugin - Module - Data ImportBangladeshFEWS-15623AKVO Flow ImportAKVO Flow Import addedAkvo Flow FEWS importer. For documentation see:{code} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <timeSeriesImportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <import> <general> <importType>Akvo</importType> <serverUrl></serverUrl> <user>iseNzrMd5gIH3KLYurQEG+o3t3tPGu7BpTDDkMPj3W4=</user> <!-- akvo access key --> <password>cziZu8wWQ2NFHM1t7UW96nZEa+AAh4o4pDOtjDlwM78=</password> <!-- akvo secret --> <relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-20" end="0" startOverrulable="true" endOverrulable="false"/> <!-- read all survey instances of the last 20 days --> <idMapId>idAkvo</idMapId> </general> <properties> <string value="1100001" key="siteRegistrationSurveyId"></string> <string value="170003" key="siteMonitoringSurveyId"></string> </properties> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>pH</parameterId> <locationId>b1b2-8xh1-pt21</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>pH</parameterId> <locationId>4yes-fjqk-ceh5</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>pH</parameterId> <locationId>ycwm-vu8j-2ts1</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>Nitrate Nitrogen</parameterId> <locationId>65d4-2628-1r55</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>Nitrite Nitrogen</parameterId> <locationId>65d4-2628-1r55</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportAkvo</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>pH</parameterId> <locationId>65d4-2628-1r55</locationId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant" /> <readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </import> </timeSeriesImportRun> {code}
Plugin - Module - Error CorrectionSener /EJIEFEWS-16508Displaying the ARMA Error correction coefficients in FEWS and normal loggingChange logmessages from DEBUG to INFOChanged log level for certain log messages from DEBUG to INFO
Plugin - Module - Error CorrectionSavaFEWS-16305ARMA does not support use of locationSetsARMA ErrorModel: Added config option "loopOverMultipleTimeSeries" to errorModel.ARMA ErrorModel: Added config option "loopOverMultipleTimeSeries" to errorModel. This makes it is possible to configure locationSets in the input and output variables of an errorModel. The errorModel will then loop over the locations in the locationSet and run for each location separately.{code:xml} <errorModelSet> ... <loopOverMultipleTimeSeries>true</loopOverMultipleTimeSeries> ... </errorModelSet> {code}
Plugin - Module - General AdapterDeltaresFEWS-14903FEWS-14498 General Adapter allow forking java procesOption added to run java activity from general adapter with different jreOption added to run java activity from general adapter with different jre, for example 32 bit if an adapter is not compatible with 64 bit{code:xml} <command> <className>nl.wldelft.fews.adapter.pcoverslag.PcOverslagAdapter</className> <binDir>bin</binDir> <customJreDir>%REGION_HOME%/jre1.8.0_101</customJreDir> </command> {code}
Plugin - Module - General AdapterDeltaresFEWS-16372WHAT_IF_ID variable in general adapterAdditional variable %WHAT_IF_ID% in general adapterAdditional variable %WHAT_IF_ID% in general adapter{code:xml} <workDir>%WHAT_IF_ID%</workDir> {code}
Plugin - Module - Modifiers (TimeSeries) FEWS-17087FEWS-16910 Grib2 imports: add property to Time Series Import to get parameter name from attributes of the variableTimeSeriesImport property "Use_Grib2_Parameter_Name"Property "Use_Grib2_Parameter_Name" is applicable to Grib2 files only. When configured, then Grib2 import reads the parameter Id’s from attribute Grib2_Parameter_Name . This is an attribute of the variables that are imported as parameters. Grib2 import uses by default variable full name as parameter Id. Variable full names are generated by Netcdf library, which is used to read grib2 files. Sometimes, in case of accumulated series, NetCdf generates different variable full names per time stamp, for example “Total_precipitation_surface_17_Hour_Accumulation”, “Total_precipitation_surface_23_Hour_Accumulation”, “Total_precipitation_surface_39_Hour_Accumulation” and so on. However, all these variables are associated with the same series. In this case use property "Use_Grib2_Parameter_Name" to read parameter Id from the attribute Grib2_Parameter_Name which contains simple(base) parameter name, for example “Total precipitation”. Example from TimeSeriesImport xml file: {code:xml} <properties> <bool key="Use_Grib2_Parameter_Name" value="true"/> </properties> {code}
Plugin - Module - PcrTransformationDeltaresFEWS-15915PCRaster binaries shouldn't be in bin directory of FEWSPCRaster 4.1 should be installed in the Modules\pcrasterFor 64 bit support the PCRaster 4.1 libraries should no longer be installed in the FEWS bin directory but in the Modules\pcraster\lib directory. See:
Plugin - Module - ReportsDeltaresFEWS-15310FlagCountstable with LocationSets already possibleFlagCountstable with LocationSets already possibleFlagCountstable with LocationSets already possible {code:xml} <flagCountsTable id="flagCountsTable" formatId="flagCountsTableFormat"> <inputVariableId>AreaA</inputVariableId> </flagCountsTable> {code}
Plugin - Module - ReportsRWS (NL)FEWS-15950Extension of function $LOGENTRY in Report TemplateReport function LogEntry : usage of LINE_PREFIX keywordIt is possible to insert a specific text at the beginning of each new line in the text returned by the function LogEntry. To insert the text, use keyword LINE_PREFIX and specify the text that should be inserted . If LINE_PREFIX is used, all three preceding arguments should be specified. Use empty string if argument 2 and 3 are not relevant. Some examples: LOGENTRY(;;;LINE_PREFIX=%AC) returns message from logging entry with event code and inserts %AC at the beginning of each new line in the message LOGENTRY(;userId;;LINE_PREFIX=%AC) returns userId from logging entry with event code and inserts %AC at the beginning of the user id
Plugin - Module - ReportsBSHFEWS-15835Export chart with two y-axis, where one axis shows the local datum and the other axis shows the global datum for the same parameterDatum axis in Reports and DisplayGroupsDatum axis is an axis on the right side of the chart, and it shows left axis ticks in global datum . *Datum axis configuration in Reports* Use element “datumAxis” . Datum axis uses altitude (z) of the first location in the chart to determine global datum. If no “caption” is configured, then datum axis shows left axis title with suffix “global datum” Datum axis is displayed with the same axis settings as configured for the left axis. See configuration examples (xml’s and associated pictures) in ReportsDatumAxis.ZIP *Datum axis configuration in DisplayGroups* Configure element “datumAxis” in the subplot. Datum axis uses altitude (z) of the first location shown in the subplot to determine the global datum. Datum axis shows left axis title with global datum suffix , see TSD_localDatumSelected.png . If global datum is elected in TSD toolbar, then datum axis shows ticks in local datum, see TSD_globalDatumSelected.png. (both png's are in
Plugin - Module - ReportsRWS (NL)FEWS-15245RWsOS NZ: Add HW and LW on the top row of WaterWijzerReports: hwLwHtmlTablehwLwHtmlTable is a html table with HW (high water) and LW (low water) indicators in the time series event columns. HW is used when the event value is positive, LW is used when the event value is negative. The filter ‘hwLwTimeSeries’ specifies which time series should be used to determine HW or LW . The filter should refer to exactly one time series and this time series should be one of the series used in hwLwHtmlTable . To format hwLwHtmlTable , use a htmlTableFormat with event times in the columns (<column>time</column>). Example from Reports.xml : {code:xml} <hwLwHtmlTable id="table1" formatId="htmlTableFormat1"> <timeSeries>Hrated</timeSeries> <timeSeries>Hcorr</timeSeries> <timeSeries>Hm</timeSeries> <hwLwTimeSeries> <parameterId>H.rated</parameterId> </hwLwTimeSeries> </hwLwHtmlTable> {code} The complete example can be found in attached Report_hwLwHtmlTable.xml
Plugin - Module - ReportsTVAFEWS-16496FEWS-10616 TVA: ability to configure major and minor gridlines in Report chartsChart Reports - new configuration element ‘tick’ for the time axisUse ‘tick’ to define the places you want a date/time label and/or tick mark and/or grid line. ‘tick’ has obligatory elements timeStep, tickMarkVisible , gridLineStyle, labelVisible, and optional elements format and font. With timeStep you define the places of the ticks. For example if the timeStep is 6 hours, then the ticks will be aligned with the synoptic times 00, 06, 12, 18 Using tickMarkVisible , labelVisible and gridLineStyle you define how the ‘tick’ should be displayed: as a grid line and tick mark, or as tick mark only, with or without label and so on. If you configure multiple ‘tick’ elements, configure then the largest time step first, and then the smaller time steps. See configuration {code:xml} <chartFormat id="ChartFormat1"> <bottomAxis> <tick> <timeStep times="00:00"/> <tickMarkVisible>false</tickMarkVisible> <gridLineStyle>solid;thick</gridLineStyle> <labelVisible>true</labelVisible> <format>yyyy-dd-MM\nHH:mm</format> <font size="11" style="bold"/> </tick> <tick> <timeStep unit="hour" multiplier="6"/> <tickMarkVisible>true</tickMarkVisible> <gridLineStyle>dotted</gridLineStyle> <labelVisible>true</labelVisible> <format>HH:mm</format> </tick> <tick> <timeStep unit="hour"/> <tickMarkVisible>true</tickMarkVisible> <gridLineStyle>none</gridLineStyle> <labelVisible>false</labelVisible> </tick> </bottomAxis> </chartFormat> {code}
Plugin - Module - ReportsTVAFEWS-16497FEWS-10616 TVA: extend 'tickTimeStep' configuration option to Reports moduleChart Reports : aligning date/time ticks with the valid times of the (cardinal) time stepTo tie the date/time ticks to the valid times of the (cardinal) time step , configure a timeStep using ‘tick’ configuration element in chartFormat. For example, if the tick timeStep is 6 hours then the ticks are always aligned with the synoptic times 00Z, 06Z, 12Z, 18Z. Detailed description and more examples are available in FEWS-16496 {code:xml} <chartFormat id="ChartFormat"> <bottomAxis> <tick> <timeStep unit="hour" multiplier="6"/> <tickMarkVisible>false</tickMarkVisible> <gridLineStyle>dashed</gridLineStyle> <labelVisible>true</labelVisible> <format>MM/dd/yyyy HH</format> </tick> </bottomAxis> </chartFormat> {code}
Plugin - Module - TransformationRWS (NL)FEWS-16577Transformation: time shift / sample with timeReferenceInputVariable having different length from the input/output time seriesNew transformation for time shift and samplingThis transformation has two input time series. The first one contains the reference times and the other one the values. The transformation will for each time step in the reference time series try to find the closest value in the time series with values. That value will be written to the time step from the reference time series in the output time series. Each value from the time series with values will only be written once to the output time series. If for multiple reference times the same time/value pair from the value time series are the closest the value will be written to the closest reference time only and the other reference times will not be written to the output time series.
Plugin - Module - TransformationDeltares (research)FEWS-16135Transformation to remove constant values(e.g. dry cells) from gridded data New transformation that replaces grid values with NaN where water level is not higher that the Z value of the grid cell
Plugin - Module - TransformationRWS (NL)FEWS-13904Extend TransformationModule functionality with a loop over the forecasts (implement PeakPerformanceIndicators in TransformationModule)TransformationModule extended with functionality to loop over the forecastsWhen a forecastLoopSearchPeriod is configured the transformation will be repeated for each (external and simulated) forecast found in the defined period. This will only work when the <outputVariable> is an external forecasts, the output variable for each execution will get the same external forecast time. When more than one input variable is used (as for sample equidistant): When other input variables are also forecasts, the same amount of forecasts should be present as in the first input variable because these will also be looped over. When other input variables are not forecasts there will only be 1 time series available, this one be be reused for each step of the loop. This has been implemented for{code:xml} <transformation id="SelectionIndependentPeaksMultipleForecastsTest"> <selection> <independentPeaks> <inputVariable> <variableId>forecast</variableId> </inputVariable> <forecastLoopSearchPeriod unit="week" start="-4" end="0"/> <gapLengthInSec>2700</gapLengthInSec> <totalNumberBeforeT0>0</totalNumberBeforeT0> <totalNumberAfterT0>0</totalNumberAfterT0> <skipJustBeforeT0>0</skipJustBeforeT0> <skipJustAfterT0>0</skipJustAfterT0> <outputVariable> <variableId>outputForecast</variableId> </outputVariable> </independentPeaks> </selection> </transformation> {code} {code:xml} <transformation id="SelectionIndependentLowsMultipleForecastsTest"> <selection> <independentLows> <inputVariable> <variableId>forecast</variableId> </inputVariable> <forecastLoopSearchPeriod unit="week" start="-5" end="0"/> <gapLengthInSec>2700</gapLengthInSec> <totalNumberBeforeT0>0</totalNumberBeforeT0> <totalNumberAfterT0>0</totalNumberAfterT0> <skipJustBeforeT0>0</skipJustBeforeT0> <skipJustAfterT0>0</skipJustAfterT0> <outputVariable> <variableId>outputForecast</variableId> </outputVariable> </independentLows> </selection> </transformation> {code} {code:xml} <transformation id="Sample"> <sample> <equidistant> <equidistantInputVariable> <variableId>inputTimeSeries</variableId> </equidistantInputVariable> <timeReferenceInputVariable> <variableId>timeReferenceTimeSeries</variableId> </timeReferenceInputVariable> <forecastLoopSearchPeriod unit="week" start="-4" end="0"/> <interpolationType>closest</interpolationType> <outputVariable> <variableId>output</variableId> </outputVariable> </equidistant> </sample> {code} {code:xml} <transformation id="PerformanceIndicatorsLeadTimeWindowAccuracyTest"> <performanceIndicatorsLeadTimeAccuracy> <rootMeanSquareError> <observedVariable> <variableId>observed</variableId> </observedVariable> <forecastVariable> <variableId>forecast</variableId> </forecastVariable> <forecastSearchPeriod unit="day" start="-30" end="0"/> <leadTimeWindow unit="day" start="0" end="6"/> <ignoreMissing>false</ignoreMissing> <outputVariable> <variableId>output</variableId> </outputVariable> </rootMeanSquareError> </performanceIndicatorsLeadTimeAccuracy> </transformation> {code}
Plugin - Module - TransformationDeltaresFEWS-16751FEWS-16827 Transformation module. Hotspot. Skip timeSeriesArray.indexOfTime on common input period and common constant input time step millisPerformance improvement in Transformation ModuleRepaired Transformation module hotspot (Skip timeSeriesArray.indexOfTime on common input period and common constant input time step millis)
Plugin - Module - TransformationDeltaresFEWS-16753FEWS-16827 Transformation module. Hotspot MultipleTimeTransformationRunner.getInputTimesPerformance improvement in Transformation ModuleRepaired hotspot in Transformation module (MultipleTimeTransformationRunner.getInputTimes)
Plugin - Module - Verification Analyst ToolBoM (Aus)FEWS-16503FEWS-16033 Module to to automatically create and manage Flood Periods{code:xml} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <floodPeriodsModule xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <newFloodPeriodLogEventCode>newFloodPeriod</newFloodPeriodLogEventCode> <areaLocationAttributeId>REPORT_FOLDER</areaLocationAttributeId> <skipLocationsWithoutAreaId>true</skipLocationsWithoutAreaId> <expiryTime unit="day" multiplier="31"/> <observed> <thresholdValuesSetsCrossings> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>Normalize_RiverTelemetry</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>H.obs.proc</parameterId> <qualifierId>15m</qualifierId> <locationSetId>AUS_Stations_Forecast_Location</locationSetId> <timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="minute" multiplier="15"/> <relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-2" end="0" startOverrulable="true"/> <readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </thresholdValuesSetsCrossings> </observed> <forecasted> <importedThresholdCrossings> <timeSeriesProperty key="Prediction_Level"> <map value="Minor" thresholdId="Major Flooding"/> <map value="b" thresholdId="Major Flooding"/> <map value="d" thresholdId="Major Flooding"/> </timeSeriesProperty> <timeSeriesSet> <moduleInstanceId>ImportContentReviewer</moduleInstanceId> <valueType>scalar</valueType> <parameterId>H.issued.fcst</parameterId> <locationSetId>AUS_Stations_Forecast_Location</locationSetId> <timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType> <timeStep unit="nonequidistant"/> <readWriteMode>read complete forecast</readWriteMode> </timeSeriesSet> </importedThresholdCrossings> </forecasted> </floodPeriodsModule> {code}
SystemDeltaresFEWS-15778mydoggy library as FEWS moduleAdded mydoggy source code to the FEWS project
SystemSEQWaterFEWS-15785FEWS-10487 SEQwater: GA Skip export data set activity when nothing changed. (makes run workflow at startup unnecessary)Update the exportDataSetActivity so it checks if dataset already existsImplemented solution: Default functionality of the exportDataSetActivity is to always overwrite existing content in the exportDataSetDir folder. Change will consist of two new configuration options in the General section: <element name="updateExportDataSetDirOnlyOnChange" type="boolean" minOccurs="0" default="false"> <annotation> <documentation>Check all export dataset activities for changes before updating. If no change detected skip update. If change detected all datasets are updated</documentation> </annotation> </element> <element name="purgeExportDataSetDirOnUpdate" type="boolean" minOccurs="0" default="false"> <annotation> <documentation>Option to purge content of existing module dataset dir before updating with new moduledataset. Default 'false' will result in overwriting of existing content</documentation> </annotation> </element> updateExportDataSetDirOnlyOnChange (default false): If set to true all export module dataset activities will be checked for change. If one of the activities need to be updated then all activities are updated. purgeExportDataSetDirOnUpdate (default false): If set to true the existing content will be purged before updating. If dataset is not being updated then no purge takes place. {code} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <generalAdapterRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <general> <rootDir>../junit_test_output/nl/wldelft/fews/system/plugin/generaladapter/</rootDir> <workDir>%ROOT_DIR%</workDir> <exportDir>%ROOT_DIR%/exportDir</exportDir> <exportDataSetDir>%ROOT_DIR%/exportDir</exportDataSetDir> <purgeExportDataSetDirOnUpdate>true</purgeExportDataSetDirOnUpdate> <updateExportDataSetDirOnlyOnChange>true</updateExportDataSetDirOnlyOnChange> <exportIdMap>MCRM_DODO_Forecast</exportIdMap> <importDir>%ROOT_DIR%/importDir</importDir> <importIdMap>MCRM_DODO_Forecast</importIdMap> <dumpFileDir>%ROOT_DIR%/../dump</dumpFileDir> <dumpDir>%WORK_DIR%</dumpDir> <diagnosticFile>%ROOT_DIR%/exportDir/diagnostics.xml</diagnosticFile> </general> <activities> <exportActivities> <exportDataSetActivity> <description>Export data set</description> <moduleInstanceId>ExportActivityDataSet</moduleInstanceId> </exportDataSetActivity> </exportActivities> </activities> </generalAdapterRun> {code}
SystemDeltaresFEWS-16958FEWS-16827 Optimize generated castor sources by using method referencesPerformance improvements 2017.01Repaired unused caster classes
System - LoggingRWS (NL)FEWS-15312SystemMetrics : store system metrics as timeseriesAdded new SystemMetrics module for storing live system status as timeseries.The new SystemMetrics module can store live system information. 1 the amount of records / rows and Mb in the database, 2. the amount of records / rows and Mb in individual tables. 3. Errors, warnings (all or matching a specific eventCode such as Config.Error), 4. MC status, such as the number of running tasks, amount of live components 5. individual MC components 6. FSS build number, down status and queue length.
System - LoggingBoM (Aus)FEWS-16318FEWS-16315 HyFS-2538: Ability to have a notification of when a new NWP has arrived in the systemShow popup in OC when log event with certain event code occursLike forecaster notes you can now notify all logged in users when certain log events occur {code:xml} <rollingBarrelOptions> <type>startup_only</type> </rollingBarrelOptions> <notification enabled="true"/> <forecasterNotesNotification enabled="true"/> <logEventNotification> <eventCodeId>SYNCHTASKRUN:Exec</eventCodeId> </logEventNotification> {code}
System - PI ServiceTVAFEWS-16896FEWS-10616 TVA: Filter Coupling in REST WebservicePI Webservice will always return unique time seriesWhen using the filters for defining which time series should be returned by the PI Webservice it happens often that time series are defined multiple time in the filters. This will result in duplicate time series being returned by the pi webservice. The PI Webservice will now only return unique time series and filter duplicate time series from the output.
System - PI ServiceDeltaresFEWS-16960FEWS-16911 Setup build task and JUNIT tests for DD APISetup junit tests for DD API using embedded tomactIn accordance with the Web Service Roadmap, it is now possible to start an Embedded Tomcat instance for unit testing. This has been implemented in the new module fews-web-services. Example tests have been created for the DigitaleDelta webservice implementation.
System - SynchronisationDeltaresFEWS-16934activemq v5.14.5Upgraded the Activemq libraries from 5.11.1 to 5.14.5
System - WorkflowFOENFEWS-16738FEWS-16464 Create Workflow parallel graph in FEWS utilities
Utility - ConfiguratorDeltaresFEWS-16261Configurator: activemq wrapper.conf and log4j.propertiesAdded activemq configuration to the Configurator utilityConfigurator utility now produces the activemq files: wrapper.conf and
Utility - ConfiguratorDeltaresFEWS-16060Delft-FEWS set working directory from bin (ini file / launcher) to temp directoryThe Delft-FEWS bin directory is no longer the current working directory for the OC/DDA/SA/CM client application.The working directory is now set to the temp directory and not to the FEWS bin directory. This prevents that log and debug files and other files without an absolute path are polluting the FEWS bin directory. For security reasons the user don't needs write access to the bin dir. This can effect configuration when relative paths are used. Use the %REGION_HOME% variable to make your file paths in configuration absolute.
Utility - ConfiguratorDeltaresFEWS-16059Delft-FEWS.exe executables and ini files should no longer run from the bin directory but from the region home directory.The Delft-FEWS bin directory is no longer the working directory for the client application, instead the temp dir is used, e.g. %REGION_HOME%/temp.The Windows exe files Delft-FEWS.exe and .ini etc can now be placed in any directory. By this the FEWS bin directory only contains files from the This makes replacing/upgrading the bin dir easier. The bin directory itself can now have any name for example fewsbin201701. It is no longer required to specify the region home in the ini-file when the working dir is the region home. This is automatically the case when the exe is placed in the region home. You can now have multiple patches for different FEWS versions in your region home in stand alone. This makes switching between FEWS versions easier. An example of default contents for the .ini files can be found under bin/launcher/. This example can be copied to your region home without modification. For organisations that deploy the Launcher application (nl.wldelft.fews.launcher.Launcher) that supports multiple region home directories, then it is recommended to place the Delft-FEWS.exe and ini files for the Launcher one level above the region home directories. On Linux the is available from bin/launcher/linux. It is recommended also to place that outside the bin dir. Note that it is no longer required to run a cleanup_bin.bat or, since several conflicting libraries are now cleanly organized in different directories. It is allowed to delete the sub directories for platforms you don't need example Delft-FEWS_x64.ini {code} # Copy this file and the Delft-FEWS_x64.exe to your region home # when the bin, jre and your region home are all sub directories of the same directory no adjustments are needed # use Delft-FEWSc_x64.exe and Delft-FEWSc_x64.ini to start with a console window to show error information on start-up # If all fails verify whether your java jre version is 64 bits, ..\jre\bin\java -version should contain the text "64-Bit" # Exe can be renamed. This is convenient when having multiple FEWS system so you see the difference in the Windows Task Manager # Ini file should always have same name as the exe # see main.class=nl.wldelft.fews.gui.explorer.Application classpath.1=../bin/*.jar vm.location=../jre/bin/server/jvm.dll #start up heap memory size vmarg.1=-Xms512m #max heap memory size, limited to 1024m for windows 32 bits vmarg.2=-Xmx1024m splash.image=fews-splash.jpg {code}
Water CoachRWS (NL)FEWS-16601WaterCoach: set report time to WaterCoach/system time instead of actual timeWaterCoach : printing current time in reportsWhen in WaterCoach mode, the report function CURRENTTIME prints WaterCoach current time, and not actual system time.
Water CoachBoM (Aus)FEWS-15669FEWS-15665 HyFS-WC: Implement new VJDBC functionality for WatercoachWaterCoach – computer and VJDBC information’sMaster WaterCoach displays the computer name and the Vjdbc port in the Gui. The participant WaterCoach shows computer name and the text “Participant” instead of Vjdbc port. See picture WaterCoach.png Master WaterCoach can also generate clientConfig.xml for the participants. To generate this config, use F12 option in WaterCoach display. The path and the name of the clientConfig to generate can be configured in WaterCoachDisplay.xml {code:xml} <clientConfigExportUrl>n:/Deltabox/Postbox/Tacoma - Nejedla, Jitka/participantClientConfig.xml</clientConfigExportUrl> {code} If 'clientConfigExportUrl' is omitted, then the destination should be selected in a ‘file save’ popup.
HHS DelflandFEWS-16982HKV: Adjust slider with configuration options for stepsize and parameter resolution


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