Date: February 4-6, 2008

Venue: DHI, Agern Alle 5, Hørsholm, Denmark (GOTO: How to reach DHI)

Jan Gregersen, DHI / LicTek ( (chairman of the meeting)
Unknown User (, DHI - Water & Environment (
Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (
Stef Hummel, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (don) (Gena), WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Peter Gijsbers, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (onnoroos), Alterra (

Rob Knapen, Alterra (
Jon Goodall, Univ South Carolina (

OpenMI version 2.0



1. Minutes from last meeting 

GOTO minutes from OATC meeting no. 12

2. Maintenance and support

3. OpenMI 2.0 Issues

3.1 Development model

3.2 Use cases

GOTO use cases

3.3 OpenMI 2.0 architecture

3.4 Development and release roadmap

4. OpenMI Java and OpenMI .net synchronization

5. OATC Procedures

Review and update the OATC procedures (GOTO OATC procedures)

6. OpenMI WIKI

Comment to the

  • All over impression is that the web site has improved at lot and look very fine.
  • We are also very pleased about the latest news letter.

Specific comment:

  • The company logo's are a bit to dominant, should stay at the front page, but should be moved to the bottom.
  • The New are considered very important. We have to make sure that it is updated.
  • Demo video, we should consider making some demo videos. .
  • The Contacts page should be completed very soon (seems very important that there is a contact on the contact page).
  • What is available for members specifically?
  • We should be careful about the "under development pages". E.g. when you look at the OpenMI standard page, you get the impression that the standard is under development, but is actually the page about the standard that is under development.

7. Miscellaneous issues

8. Tasks and unresolved issues

 All tasks and unresolved issues are managed via the sourceForge server: (GOTO OpenMI tasks on SourceForge)

9. Any other business