Wanda is an advanced, interactive software package to support the hydraulic design process of your pipeline system. The program is used for the hydraulic analysis of steady and unsteady flow conditions in arbitrary configured pipeline networks. Primary subjects to evaluate and optimise a hydraulic design are flow capacity, velocity, flow distribution, dynamic behaviour, economy, safety and control principles. With a hydraulic design, you can direct the mechanical and process engineering to an effective and efficient system.

Wanda can be applied to a variety of types of pipeline systems, like fire fighting systems, sewer systems, water distribution networks, industrial plants, oil pipelines, water cooling systems, hydropower plants and transportation systems for chemical products.

This site provides information on how to use Wanda, it also contains a FAQ and How-To section. For more information on how to buy Wanda please visit the main Deltares website or contact us at software@deltares.nl


Wanda 4.6 release

Deltares is pleased to announce the availability of WANDA 4.6. This release marks the seventh release of the WANDA 4 series, and includes many improvements including:

  • New matrix solver and numerical improvements, results in significant performance gains for Wanda models with multiple pipe components or many pipe elements.
  • Improvements to T- and Y-junction components, results in more stable behaviour in steady state and significant performance improvement.
  • Updated user interface to the latest version of iGrafx Flowcharter. (WANDA-3410, WANDA-3347, WANDA-3340)

For more information, please read our Release notes & Errata page

Wanda 4.6 can be downloaded from the Deltares Download Portal.

Wanda 4.5.5 release

This is minor bugfix release that addresses the "Invalid procedure call or argument 5 0" error when starting Wanda after installing August 2019 Windows 10 updates (WANDA-3362). See Release notes & Errata for more details on the release.

WANDA 4.5.4 release

This is an important bug fix release that addresses an issue in the Wanda Heat module.  Due to an incorrect interpretation of the heat capacity, the resulting temperature change is not calculated correctly by Wanda.  Users of the Wanda Heat module are advised to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. 


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