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  • 2021-04-30 Retrospective (MorphAn 1.10.1 release)
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What did we do well?

  • Communication and atmosphere between team members was great and good, despite working form home
  • Planning was good with respect to the release. Additional time before the final release to implement improvements was well appreciated
  • The result of the sprint was above satisfactory: more than promised was delivered

What should we have done better?

The main point of discussion during the retrospective was that:

The issue descriptions are unclear, incomplete

In order to improve this:

Action points:

  • Expected behaviour / functionality should be described in the issue prior before the sprint starts. The functionality is not necessarily set in stone: this can be updated when there are unforeseen circumstances while implementing. In this situation, discuss it with the P/O and update the issue description accordingly to make the implicit knowledge explicit
  • Refinement meeting at the start of the sprint

Test data:

Issue data is not always available or unclear where it is located

Action points:

  • Each issue should have preferably an attachment containing the test data. If this is not possible due to file size limits:
  • The issue should contain a file path of where the data can be found; OR
  • The issue should contain a file path of where generic data can be found AND contain steps how to create the desired state of the application.

What are remaining action points of the last retrospective?

Release procedure:

The release procedure is currently unlogical and should be improved

Action points:

The procedure is clear and formalised, but could use the following improvements:

  • Add a functional checklist on what needs to be checked when a new release is made
  • Provide a template on the wiki on what needs to be done when making a release
  • Perhaps we can automate some steps when releasing MorphAn

Testers planning

The planning with the tester was suboptimal

As MorphAn cannot always supply the tester with sufficient work on planned days, some flexibility is sometimes required from the testers and it is advisable for them to prepare a backup work package when necessary:

Action points:

  • Request the tester to prepare a backup work package at the start of the sprint


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