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  • 25th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting in Gdansk, 17-22 June, 2018

    • Delsman, J.R., Van Baaren, E.S., Siemon, B., Dabekaussen, W., Steuer, A., Gunnink, J.L., Karaoulis, M.C., Pauw, P.S., Vermaas, T., Bootsma, H., De Louw, P.G.B., Oude Essink, G.H.P. 2018. Large-scale, probabilistic airborne salinity mapping for groundwater management in Zeeland, The Netherlands
    • De Louw, P.G.B., Bootsma, H., Kooi, H., Kramer, M., Erkens, G. 2018. Land subsidence by peat oxidation leads to enhanced salinization through boils in Dutch polders
    • Zamrsky, D., Oude Essink, G.H.P., Bierkens, M.F.P. 2018. Estimating characteristic times of regional groundwater systems along the global coastline with regard to past sea level fluctuations and sediment accumulation patterns
    • Van Engelen, J., Bierkens, M.F.P., Oude Essink, G.H.P. 2018. 3D Paleohydrogeological modelling of the Nile Delta
    • King, J., Oude Essink, G.H.P., Karaoulis, M.C., Siemon, B., Bierkens, M.F.P. 2018. A Quantitative Review of D Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion Methods: A Focus on Fresh-Saline Groundwater Mapping
    • Huizer, S., Radermacher, M., De Vries, S., Oude Essink, G.H.P., Bierkens, M.F.P. 2018. Impact of coastal forcing and groundwater recharge on the growth of a fresh groundwater lens in a mega-scale beach nourishment
    • Oude Essink, G.H.P., Mulder, T., Van Engelen, J., Zamrsky, D., Pham Van, H., Weerasekera, W., Meggiorin, M. 2018. Building up D salinity models for estimating fresh groundwater resources in major deltas under global and climate stresses
    • Vandevelde, D. Van Baaren, E.S., Delsman, J.R., Karaoulis, M.C., Oude Essink, G.H.P. De Louw, P.G.B., Vermaas, T., Pauw, P.S., De Kleine, M., Thofte, S., Teilmann, R., Walraevens, K., Van Camp, M., Huits, D., Dabekaussen, W., Gunnink, J.L., Vandenbohede, A. 2018. Groundwater salinity mapping of the Belgian coastal zone to improve local freshwater storage availability
    • Oude Essink, G.H.P., Van Baaren, E.S., Galvis Rodriguez, S., Zuurbier, K., Raat, K., Kooiman, J.W., Boonekamp, T. 2018. Potential map for large-scale implementation of subsurface water solutions: COASTAR
    • Verkaik, J., Huizer, S., Van Engelen, J., Ram, R., Vuik, K., Oude Essink, G.H.P. 2018. Parallel Computing with SEAWAT
    • America, I., De Louw, P.G.B., Bier, G., Van der Zee, S. 2018. Influence of tides, bathymetry, lithology and regional flows on the salinization process in nature area the Rammegors


  • 2017 23-28 April: European Geosciences Union, General Assembly
    • Zamrsky, D., Bierkens, M. and G.H.P. Oude Essink, 2017. On aquifer thicknesses and geological complexity affecting fresh/salt groundwater distribution.

    • Van Engelen, J., Oude Essink, G.H.P., Kooi, H., Bierkens, M.F.P. 2017. On the origins of hypersaline groundwater in the Nile Delta Aquifer.

    • Boran, B.E., Rutten, M., Oude Essink, G.H.P., Delsman, J.R., Abraham, E. 2017 Smart salinity management in low-lying deltaic areas: a model predictive control scheme applied to a test case.

    • Siemon, B., Van Baaren, E., Dabekaussen, W., Delsman, J.R., Gunnink, J., Karaoulis, M., De Louw, P., Oude Essink, G., Pauw, P., Steuer, A., Vermaas, T., Meyer, U. 2017. FRESHEM - Fresh-saline groundwater distribution in Zeeland (NL) derived from airborne EM.

  • Wanted: Ghent University Belgium: Assistant Prof. Hydrogeology







World Delta Summit, The Pulse of Deltas and the Fate of our Civilization, Jakareta Indonesia, 21-24 November 2011


International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies CIHEAM course, 22-27 March 2010, Zaragoza, Spain, teaching Quantitative methods

21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting 21-25 June 2010, Azores, Portugal

Deltas in Times of Climate Change 29 September- 1 October, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Presentation: Oude Essink GHP, Van Baaren ES, De Louw PGB, 2010, Effects climate change on coastal groundwater systems, focus on the Rhine Delta, Proceedings Deltas in Times of Climate Change, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Sept-Oct. 2010


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