There are three ways to change capacities of the brancehs of QWAST. 

1) For every branch: the modifier "Aanvoer capaciteit".  This can be used for any branch. These numbers are applied to the inflow of that branch. That is, if we want to have 10m3/s flowing out of the branch, and there is user taking 3m3/s from that branch, then the capacity should be set 13m3/s using this setting.

2) Apply flushing (doorspeoling): through modifiers, "Aanpassing NW doorspoeling". This can only be used for branches whose minimum capacity is bigger than -3, i.e. they are not bidirectional. If a value is set, this is the discharge we wish to go outof the canal. If we set it to be 10m3/s, and there is a demand on that branch, QWAST will control the inflow such that that the outflow is 10 m3/s.

3) For branches that can be controlled based on other discharge or chloride value: modifiers, "Criteria inlaten Hollandse IJssel" and "Criteria Q". Here again the outflow of the branch is controlled, just like under point 2.

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