More information on the number of connections per Delft-FEWS module can be found on this page: Connect to the central database with OC and or FSS.

This calculation shows the total number of database connections required for a single Master Controller central database.

  1. Fixed number as used by the TooManyOCsProtector in the Operator Client. When the number of database connections available for Operator Clients is exceeded, no new Operator Clients can be started up until enough free database connections are available.
  2. When multiple Master Controllers are sharing the same database server, the other database connections need only be counted once. Suppose the calculation for a Master Controller yields 400 connections, and there are two additional Master Controllers with identical capability for two other regions placed within the same database, then the formula for that database server is 3 x 400 - 2 x 100 = 1000.

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